You Once Was a Big Shot

Artisan 1

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You Was Once a Big Shot

You was once a big shot

For everyone to know

A singing actor on tv

And on the radio

You’d flash your money all around

In everyone’s face like so

And all the women gathered round

Everywhere you’d go

Your cars the finest motors

Your clothes all tailored fit

You laughed at all the others

You thought you were the shit

You boasted into politics

and the celebrity gossip paper

You let no poor man near you

High on your skyscraper

But then the show it had to end

And you weren’t really needed

It’s time to say goodbye my friend

Your showtime has exceeded

You lost the house you lost the car

Your shallow friends are gone

We all know just who your are

When the time has come

No you don’t look so happy

In your now impoverished way

Every pigment has it’s color

Every dog has his day





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