Artisan – Post 141 – The Man I Am Today

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 141

The Man I Am Today




The Man I am Today

Chords: G C Am D

If I were a handsome man

If I had a job

If I never danced with her

How much would I have lost

If I never held my child

And watched him walk away

Would I ever have become

The man I am today


If I never drank too much

Of fought when I was young

Could I even write these words

And put them in a song

Times were bad and times were good

There isn’t time to say

How much my life made me become

The man I am today


I wash the soap on thinning hair

And shadows on my eyes

And see a boy within the mirror

Whose face is filled with lines

To Italy to Hollywood

Yes I’ve had good times

They may not seem that much to you

These memories of mine

But in my heart I know it’s truth

Will lead to a grander day

And so I give myself to you

The man I am today


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