Artisan – Post 134 – What Hurts?

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 134

What hurts?



I understand actions speak louder than words
But when a homosexual condemns me
For my erratic “insane” behavior
It hurts
When a black man tells me
He can like nearly every color or nationality
But can’t stand a “crazy” man
It hurts
When an activist for civil rights and freedom
Denies that I should be entitled
To those same rights and courtesies he’s fighting for
It hurts
When an intelligent or socially awkward scholar
Becomes uncomfortable when I admit
That I am treated for bipolar
It hurts
When the news or television
Or someone’s personal experience with a “madman”
has been negative or dangerous
and they treat me as though I did it
It hurts
When a woman judges my attractiveness
For not behaving macho or charismatic
For being a man who thinks with his emotions
It hurts
When a convict calls me dangerous
When a drunk or drug addict calls me delusional
When the uneducated call me dumb
It hurts
But when I break and am human
Or give into the hateful and prejudice
Stereotypes they claim
And in a faulty way fight back
It hurts the most.

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