Artisan – Post 132 – A Candle In The Barrio

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 132

A Candle In The Barrio



A Candle in the Barrio


Chords: E D A E  bmp 140


Not too far in the barrio

Angels weep and heaven shows

A candle rests where flowers grow

To mark the loss of another soul


Not a sight unseen around here

Where homeless sit and drink their beer

A mother lights the candle near

Her rosary she prays so dear


If you live in the barrio

Never speak of what you know

Silence comes and silence grows

Among the passers by




They sit and smoke remaining still

Dreaming of a house upon the hill

Where police roam protect they will

Children’s lives our good Lord’s will


And so they paint it on the wall

That someone someday hear their call

To rest assured no strength at all

A ritual to honor one’s fall


Our Lady pictured on the candle

Seems too much for her to handle

Mary prays upon the mantle

Where one more lost to hate and vandal


We’ve seen once we’ll see again

Seems as though we’ll never win

When pride is strong and patience thin

A candle in the barrio is lit.


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