Artisan – Post 118 – Another Veteran’s Holiday

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Another Veteran’s Holiday



Another Veteran’s Holiday

Chords: C Am G F Chorus: Am F C G

On the walk by the market

And off to sell art

I saw a homeless veteran
With an American flag
And one leg
Out to panhandle
For the holiday
He’ll make good money
I should say
So many inspired
By today
Another veteran’s holiday
And I thought not
What war he fought
That caused this man
To lose his leg
Yet now a begging vagrant
Watching his parade
As everybody celebrates
Another veteran’s holiday
Sink or swim as some would say
Go out and earn what you make
Climb the ladder if you may
The strongest shall survive
Yet how is it that we can say
His strength so proud to fight a war
But not hold a job of basic wage
Or would he even want to?
On the streets I have seen
Simply most men do
How could this be
We pride so free
The country he helped make
Yet walk on by
His plight of life
Here in the USA?
So I passed by this guy
And heard him say
“Do you have change?”
“Do you have change?”
On another veteran’s holiday

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