Artisan – Post 108 – The Sad Mad Butterfly

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 108

The Sad Mad Butterfly



Sings a song the sad mad butterfly

Plays the world in wonderland

Drifts away in conversation

Changes time to lend a hand


I want to play with the sad mad butterfly

And hear her dance and wonder why

She floats about so long freely

And every day about to be


Do you know the sad mad butterfly?

Do you like her free spirit?

Much like days when we were young

Much like a song that’s never old


Do you like the sad mad butterfly?

Can you carry laughter?

Can you hear her tell her tales?

Of beauty and of wonder


I’m proud to know the sad mad butterfly

She’s not concerned with others

I’ve fondly grown of the butterfly

I wouldn’t catch another.


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