New Album Release – blah blah blah… I Love You – Interview with the Artist

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Blah Blah Blah… I Love You – Interview with the artist


Dan how long have these particular songs been gestating in your mind–building up into into a cohesive group?

The first song, One Sunday Morn, that I can remember composing was written on the bus when I was a beach artist. I woke up and my roommate gave me a chord progression that I really liked. Then I wrote the words riding the bus to the beach where I sold prints and played guitar. I was almost kicked off the bus for practicing it. When I was able to combine the techno loops with the folk guitar in When Will The Sunshine Be Mine, I felt I was really on to something, but it does take work to get it right. I really like that mix though. That was about a year ago. All the songs in the album use computerized music. I like to do that. It seems easy, but sometimes getting everything to work together can be difficult.

I do enjoy the acoustic guitar with the electronic loops. It’s unexpected. It’s also kool you have a story ready to go with many songs. That will bring listeners in, I think. At least it does for me.

Imagery and storytelling are part of poetry. I take several viewpoints, from the religious to the activist, “I kill Christ to redefine!” I’m not always sure where it comes from. Sometimes , I just keep writing till it all makes sense.

What about the loops?

The loops are almost randomly chosen, but I do use some pattern, bring in drums or base first, improve later.

A stream of consciousness?

Yes, stream of consciousness. I noticed I was good at it in my first novel. I write as the words come to mind, like James Joyce. Sometimes that gets me into trouble. I can have a poisoned pen.

So you find your loop from the internet or from program? Forgive the question.

I have programs that come with many loops. Unless, I’m looking for something in particular that is not in my library, I really don’t search the net. It is too troublesome.

We are hop frogging each other in this interview, that is the nature of your collaboration with yourself, don’t you think?

There is a basic paradigm to art forms, random and patterned, order and chaos, conflict and resolution. It is all the same. If you accept that some of it will be out of your control, it will be much easier to compose. Watercolor painting is like that

What would you like to tell me about “blah, blah, blah….I Love You” as an album?

It is experimental music. Maybe on the brink of something new. Not techno, not hip hop, not pop, it’s searching for a style in it’s own. Not singing, not poetry recital, not rap…

Recital, sounds apt to me.

I think it’s the beginning of something new and exciting for me, yet still in it’s raw stages. But I will always be a painter first.

I know you’re you’re a painter. Which is you’re first love?

I started painting in my teens to cope with the difficulties of adolescence, but I understand color, shape, form, line, texture, etc… the way one understands music. The two are interweaved.

I noticed you included a pastel on the cover of your cd. Who is that of?

Yes, recent sketches, always recent work to combine the timing and feel of the music. Blah blah blah is just a random girl rolling he eyes to a heartfelt proposal like the song.

A proposal of what?

Love and eventually marriage. To the guy in the song, it is a once in a lifetime feeling maybe. To the beautiful woman, it is so common she’s not even listening.

So, she’s just jaded. That’s what the song is about? hence the title?

Yes, but not all beautiful women nor women in general are like that. It depends on the person. When I first wrote it, I showed it to a model friend. But she was moved, because she felt it was very sincere what he is saying. So, there went my theory…

Nice. What can you tell me about the song “The Satellite Earth?”

Activism, angry, very angry. But there is a line of irony, ”There is no peace in our world. I love you.” It comes from a letter I read from James Dean to a girlfriend. It so fits the prose and the world today.

It reminds me of David Bowie’s Earthling album… Dan. I see you are an all-around commando of the Arts. where do you see this going?

Actually I expect to sell more drawings and paintings from this than albums or songs, but you never know. One thing might catch on, go viral and domino everything else to the spotlight. It’s a lottery profession, but I don’t mind. I spend very little money and give it a lot of work.

Thanks, Dan. It was great to speak with you. Meet you at the donut stand and buy me an apple fritter. I look forward to hearing your CD.

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