Artisan – Post 99 – Is Pot Better Than Prozac?

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 99

Is Pot Better Than Prozac?


The world at large seems radically opposed to anti-depressant and anti-psychotic medication. Because so many people feel so strongly, does that make them right? Remember, at one time the world’s population swore that the earth was flat and that sailors who went too far out would fall off it’s edge. That seems to be what’s happening with advances in modern science and medicine. The population is falling off the edge with misinformation and guided motives. Let’s look at a couple.

Religious conservatives have always been opposed to advances in science from Galileo being put under house arrest for discovering other planets to John Scopes being convicted for teaching evolution as an option in a public school. Why? The answer is clear! They tend to prove the bible to be wrong. At least, not based on myth, which we accept other aspects of the bible to be. In the New Testament Paul writes, “Slaves obey your masters!” Nobody in modern America still yields to that, but to say the basic principles or history of the bible is questionable or maybe of a different meaning, gets the bible thumpers up in arms. As a result, modern science and medicine is in constant conflict with these reactionaries. Why would they oppose a medication that affects the mind? Because that would separate the soul from our thinking and from our control. Also, modern psychology makes spiritual claims less believable. In fact, they sound insane such as voices from the divine or religious visions that can be written off as hallucinations. We can’t take those away, can we? Especially when people under such spells are so easily persuaded into believing basically anything they are told. Remember when Charles Manson grew long hair and a beard then gave hippies LSD and convinced them he was Jesus? Traditional scientific logic is based on one thing, “Prove it!” If it can’t be proven it is still theory. If it can be proven, it is fact. Religion, however, says, “Believe it!” So if you just believe something enough, it is true and almost always something impossible to prove or disprove. However, when science disproves anything we assumed or “believed” to be true in the past, there is trouble. Also many lunatic religious leaders don’t want you themselves to believe their visions or light or divine auditory messages could also be called schizophrenia. While there may be a God, much of what we are lead to believe, at least in terms of proven science, is clearly false and that makes holy divine direction less believable.

The 12 step spiritual argument is that Prozac, any anti-depressant, anti-psychotic or mood stabilizer is a drug. “Pills are solid alcohol,” they claim. But which ones? Any pill? What about antibiotics? Or vitamins? Sadly enough, to many of them, it is all the same. The point they are missing is that the majority of psychiatric medications today are not sedating and not addictive. They are living in the middle of the 1900’s when most of their leaders were institutionalized for, oddly enough, mental illnesses. Now they lead large cultish “home groups” giving divine “direction” to hundreds of people on how to run their lives including choices of professions, marriages, denial of education and even hair style and grooming. With all that power over other people, how could they possibly be insane? Also, modern psychology, contradicts their core “faith healing” belief that God will cure all insanity. True, physical sobriety will obviously help, but the innate reasons they started flooding their brains to sedate them is still left untouched and still a little touched in the head maybe.

So with all these conservative arguments against modern psychiatry, why wouldn’t the liberals support it? They are paranoid! Most liberal information on the internet against modern medicine is pumped up by people who are angry that pot is still illegal. Yes, marijuana may cure cancer and help other ailments, but is it really that good for people prone to psychological illnesses? NO! Tons of cases are reported of paranoia, people claiming their computers are being hacked, their neighbors are spying on them or people on the freeway are stalking them at 70 mph. One argument is that it can alleviate depression. Of course, any intoxicant will! Just take a depressed person to a party and get them drunk to test that one. But what about the long-term chemical affects sedatives like marijuana? “People stalking them on the freeway” seems to be the common answer. So what are all these marijuana advocates saying to prove it’s unfair to legalize helpful medication and make their pot illegal? It’s a conspiracy!!! The government wants to control us! Rich people are trying to enslave us! The drug companies do it to make money off us! As is there is no money to be made off marijuana. Of course they wouldn’t listen to a psychologist, because if you asked any legitimate therapist or psychiatric doctor, they will tell you these crazy paranoid claims sound like symptoms of serious psychosis. Plus many of these stoners have prejudices against people with mental illness, because history has shown those people just can’t handle their drugs. The truth is there is no conspiracy to get you to stop smoking pot! It is bad for you like cigarettes. While it may have some medicinal purposes, clinics are prescribing it like candy and those who don’t need it are those that are getting it. There is your corruption you’ve been trying to prove all along! Do I care if you get stoned out of your mind? No! I do care if you are using it as an excuse to prevent people from getting necessary proven treatments for their own psychological illnesses. What you do with yours is none our businesses. Likewise, with the God argument, I don’t want to stop you or anyone else from loving your neighbor, but when you bring out your whacky medicine man with a bible or any “all inclusive all empowering” book, then I say enough is enough.

Science is proving that these medications not only work, but, in many cases are necessary. But like evolution or the old round earth theory, the general public just doesn’t want to admit it. It’s up to you which one you want to believe, proven fact or what everybody says?

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