Artisan – Post 97 – Practice, Perseverance And Passion

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 97

Practice, Perseverance And Passion


“Thanks for stringing my guitar, Derek!”

“No problem, just get me a gallon of milk.”

“Got it! Hey! Where’s your guitar?”

“I don’t have one. I don’t play anymore. Probably wouldn’t even remember how?”

“What? What happened?”

“Well, I was in a band and I just burnt out on the whole thing.”

“But music is a way of life! How do you just quit?”

“We started to get pretty big. We opened a The Palladium for some big names like Sonny and Cher…”

“Wow! You must’ve really been going somewhere!”

“Yeah, but it was too much. Setting up the equipment and going on the road.”

“Most people like that, the traveling.”

“I just got tired of it. It became too much.”

“What? Was it drugs?”

“We did that yeah, but I just didn’t want to play anymore.”

“But music is a passion! How can you just lose your passion?”

“I played everyday and practiced for hours on end. Then some other players came out like Stevie Ray Vaughan. He was so good…”

“Oh! You wanted to be the best.”


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