Artisan – Post 93 – Meetings And Medications

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 93

Meetings And Medications


Straight from the entrance doors of most AA meetings, newcomers usually get confronted by swarms of uneducated alcoholics wanting to play doctor. Anti-depressants are always high on the taboo list as the spiritual psychology of AA is promoted to replace well-trained and researched scientific methods. Usually, an AA member is conning the doctor to get some anti-anxiety pills like valium or xanax, or something extremely addictive by faking a condition he just doesn’t have. Painkillers are also popular on the list of scripts an alcoholic just might want from the doctor. Sadly, the blame for this is always put on the doctor rather than the doper con artist. As they claim, the doctors don’t want to heal us. They just want to trick us into getting addicted to something. This is, of course, assuming that the patient is not already addicted to something like say… alcohol and is completely oblivious to the side effects of known addictive drugs.

Today, my problem is different. On a ninety-degree day, I had to wait on hold with the doctor’s office for about an hour and later will have to take two buses to the pharmacy to get my stomach medicine, prilosec and reglan. Being fifty years old and having spent my whole adult life in AA meetings smoking cigarettes and loading up on strong coffee, I am not in the best of health, especially my stomach. In fact, I can’t even drink a beer without barfing anymore. But because of the danger of addiction to other drugs, I still attend my meetings.

As far as my bad stomach goes, acid reflux is not an easy condition to deal with. Basically all the acid from your stomach comes back up nearing your throat and burns most of the organs in your upper torso. It can be very painful. Guided by gravity, it is worse when you are lying down and trying to sleep. Because your stomach is so upset when untreated, you rarely eat much. Now the obvious answer to this is smoke less, diet and maybe exercise. But I don’t have much money and live in a boarding home run by a quaint Mexican family. I shouldn’t have to tell you that that old Mexican woman cooks some excellent spicy stuff that I’m not about to give up! And I’m not about to take what little money I have to go to the health food store to buy tofu and vegan cheese just to tell you guys I’m taking one or two less pills!!! Just try to stop me next time I pick up a chip!!!

Thank you for letting me share!

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