Artisan – Post 91 – Suggested Conditions Of Negotiation

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 91

Suggested Conditions Of Negotiation


To Michael Magoski of the Magoski Arts Colony,

My suggestions for fairness on the Stephen Baxter issue:

  1. Ban him from the colony until successful negotiations can take place!
  2. Choose a moderator that will be impartial! You will not do as you are too influenced by the majority to protect a minority in a democratic community!
  3. If sexist or non-feminist language is not allowed, then issues of Mental Health Awareness and appropriate social behavior for such afflicted should be considered. That includes Rene Cardona! I have been appalled by his constant play of that card against me since I have met him some 25 years ago. For someone that stoned all the time, he should be more considerate of others’ mental states!
  4. When negotiated agreements have been met, they should be posted in The Colonist’s Lounge and displayed visibly to all members in the colony.
  5. I expect to someday return to the gallery after an agreement has been reached and negotiations settled! This will be determined by the conditions of the negotiated agreement.
  6. If legal action is still taken by either party, it will remain to be decided by the courts.
  7. As of seven days ago, I have surrendered my attacks. No matter what the outcome, I will maintain my decision. This decision was made for business purposes only and not ethics. As neither party is showing any!
  8. The chosen moderator will be agreed upon by both parties. Until such moderator is appointed, no negotiations will take place!
  9. Negotiations will not be publicly held nor in person for the sake of safety. It is up to you to develop the best multi-user method of communication. Both parties and all involved witnesses may partake as long as neither party is overly outnumbered.
  10. Communication regulation and appeals to speak will be determined by the moderator.
  11. No attacks, harm to nor public humiliation of either party’s businesses or reputation will take place before or during these negotiations.
  12. All references to religious, spiritual or ethical principles, of or lack of, by either party will not be mentioned during the said negotiations.

If the negotiations are successful and an agreement is reached, I will leave it to you to draw a contract honored by the colony to be signed in agreement by both parties.

You must take this into consideration, because both parties have declared a state of war and at least his side is threatening violence!

Thank you,


P.S. In 30 years as an artist in this city, I have never had to deal with anything like this or him before!!! Please take that into consideration!

“Democracy is best served when it is designed to protect its minority.”

– The Courage To Change The Things I Can –

May God bless you Michael, and may you continue to live a fruitful life!

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