Artisan – Post 84 – Goodness Is The Best Part Of Life – LIKE if you agree!

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 84

Goodness Is The Best Part Of Life – LIKE If You Agree!


While it certainly is a recent technological phenomenon new to mankind, we are being swarmed and overtaken by social media. My father worked for IBM in the days it was planned and developed saying that they didn’t introduce it sooner because it would shock our culture. Well dad, the shock has come. We are being flooded with Facebook, Instagram and twitter pics, blogs and rants, as we know we never saw it coming. But what are these pics, blogs, videos and posts telling us? Let’s look at a few!



One of the more common early social media memes was the generic feel good say nothing post. I suspect it was developed to lure clients to pages to friend and like them to sell them something. I’ll give you a hypothetical example. Take a picture of a boy playing with a puppy – no a litter of puppies – and write on it “Goodness is the best part of life – LIKE if you agree!” Of course these got thousands of hits, likes and comments, because honestly, who in the world is violently opposed to goodness, little boys and puppies? But soon they died out! People caught on not to the fact it was a sales trick, but to the fact that it said nothing. Now they just paraphrase them by quoting that the pope or the Dalai Lama said something similar. Then the people who support those guys as well as goodness and puppies are drawn in. As far as the “say nothing” generic feel good meme goes, people no longer fall for it. Even in the advanced age of social media, stupid arguments to stupid people still don’t work.

One that does surprisingly well, however is the traditional generic religion post, “Prayer works! Share if you agree!” It never says what prayer or what religion or even what God if any it is promoting, but the stats go through the roof. Obviously an atheist is going to disagree, but by the time he sees the feedback this meme gets, he won’t say anything. That being that he is far outnumbered and in for a wildly biased group of irrational people to argue with. Again, businesses post this to get customers, not to get you to pray!

The one most shocking to me is the one-armed deformed girl that says, “Does God think she’s beautiful?” Of course any concept of God other than Satanism feels obligated to agree. What is my problem with this? Did she make the meme herself? No! She has one arm and sometimes can’t even see! Did anyone even ask her if it was ok to post her disfigurement online? We don’t even know that. The problem I have with it is that IT’S EXPLOITING THE GIRL!!! Many people aren’t going to think she’s physically beautiful, but maybe with a wonderful heart. But this guy is using her handicap to draw support for a religion whose God by their own rationale, may have created this deformity to begin with. The girl becomes a feel sorry poster girl to get people into someone’s church or again sell them something because they like handicapped children.


Politics – All in the Family


Hitler’s chief propaganda agent, Joseph Goebbels, once said that if you tell a lie enough times to enough people you make it the truth. Bernie Sander’s has been quoting outrageously unquestioned statistics regarding the top 1% of the population destroying the middle class. But do such unhampered statistics exist? I live in a Barrio and we seem to be doing ok. The problem isn’t in the accuracy of his claim, but that it is the only thing he is continually saying to the point we are inclined to believe it. Also, he provides no viable strategy to get any money from them. Claiming to be a US socialist is a brave campaign. However, typically throughout history if socialists wanted to take any significant amount money from the upper class, they had to kill them to do it. After which they simply created a new elite. His plan on terrorism, rarely mentioned, is to get other Muslim countries to ally and rid us of them. The only way to stop a bad Muslim extremist, I guess, is with a good Muslim extremist. It kind of reminds me of the NRA approach to gun control. No wonder we’re not hearing that part of his campaign on the net. As far as taking money from the rich, he intends legislation, but created by somewhat radical people. Opposing the system to fight the system from within the system doesn’t seem like it will work. Plus he has mostly a youthful audience not known for voting at all. The oldies are going to show up instead to make America great again.

Speaking of the top 1% Donald Trump is a lead contender trying to offend everyone! How does this work? In the 1970’s TV scriptwriters created an offensively conservative character to make the republican party look stupid. His name was Archie Bunker, a bigot, a male chauvinist, a gun advocating and a war mongering a-hole. The ratings went through the roof, but then they noticed something. People were watching the show because they actually liked and agreed with Archie’s immoral offensive approach. Discernment is a way the public naturally fights the impact of the media. Many of us are disgusted by the bigoted videos displaying why not to agree with Trump. But how many people are watching his racist and sexist shenanigans and agreeing with him? I’ll give you a clue! Watch the news! It’s already scaring the GOP!

I won’t leave out Clinton, but she seems to have left herself out this time. Online everybody still hates Hillary. Every now and then a woman posts Clinton as a feminist, but only by gender. What girl in America would want her rights represented by a woman whose husband constantly cheats on her? Sadly, she doesn’t seem to know or care about online activity at all! What has Hillary done? She’s taking large corporate campaign contributions, manipulating the mainstream media and politicking within her party to ensure a nomination she may very well get. We’ve all been watching her do this through posts from other candidates online! Maybe the only way to win this game is not to play!


Posts I Kind of Like

A very popular one on my page is “Drugs Kill!” Other than the marijuana advocate or social drinker, we know this. We were taught this in elementary school and watched it come to be growing up. The posts, however, aren’t just to stop people from trying drugs, but used instead as an often artistic and clever call to arms for those trying to quit. Of course, they know they kill, but it is a great reminder to someone desperately trying to change their lives. Also, they don’t often appear on people’s timelines, because of the principle of Anonymity and not wanting their bosses, teachers, pastors or the cops to know they are battling a drug problem. You will be reminded of them as support when you join any recovery group on Facebook. My favorite is a group called Rebel Rehab that has truly supported my own struggle.

A difficult post I agree with is “Depression and Anxiety are actual illnesses!” The problem is that this is scientifically being proven, but like evolution, the general public is refusing to admit it. You may get some likes from this one, but beware of the troller’s insults and debates in your Feedback. That may cause you more depression and anxiety than the disease itself!

Jokes are always good and fun to share, but I find others comment with more distasteful jokes that really aren’t that funny!

So from ranting and raving to blogging to video and musical representation, there’s lots to do these days if you don’t want to leave the house and have WIFI! I personally am in between jobs, raising money this way and developing a fun-filled yet delicate hobby.



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