Artisan – Post 81 – Give Us Work Or Give Us Welfare!

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 81

Give Us Work Or Give Us Welfare!


So many businessmen complain about their taxes being wasted on welfare and disability expenses. However, so few will hire us with training but without work experience. If they are so worried about wasting money on socialist expenditures, why don’t they just give us jobs and give us the money that way? Either way they are going to be spending the money. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I think we need incentives to motivate the businesses to consider us.

Tax incentives are my suggestion. George Bush Sr. put some in place during his presidency. I don’t know if they worked or if we still have some. Let’s look at this economically. I graduated in 2008 with a degree in Graphic Design and other somewhat technical skills. In the years after my graduation I was referred to the department of rehabilitation to find work. However, in those eight years, they only provided one job lead that didn’t even result an interview. Social Security paid my schooling on the PASS program assuming I could find work, pay taxes and therefore pay the money back. But no employer will consider me due to lack of experience. I do get leads from Monster, LinkedIn and some headhunters in my email, but most are so far away it isn’t feasible to get there on the train or the bus. Again, they require experience. Now, in terms of math – if the federal government can spend nearly $20,000 to get me a trained education in a needed field, (yes graphic design and advertising are near necessities in any business) If they can spend all that much money to train me for a job, why can’t the State of California, the County of Orange and what you call “the private sector” make a little better effort to help me find one. It seems economically, a better investment.

I am not the only person in this position

Yes, I did find 2 jobs as a concessions worker for Anaheim Stadium and the Honda Center. Both were low paid, but much better than minimum wage and wonderful people to work for. However, since they were both part time and seasonal, I found I still had to collect government income to eat and pay rent in low income housing situations. As far as paying it back in taxes, when I did my 1040 on both jobs I got so much money back from the IRS, it made me question if I had accidentally cheated on my taxes.

Now I may be the only guy you’ll ever meet who actually wants to pay taxes. But after all this, I really wouldn’t mind holding a position that requires it.

It’s not throwing money at the problem. You are going to be spending that money either way. My point is that you will just be reinvesting it into a better business and a better society.

It is the private sector that I feel needs to invest into American workers. Otherwise, we get the waste I just described. And while I had a good time in college, it certainly did no good after graduation.‬

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