Chronicles – Taking on the AA Cult

Chronicles – Taking on the AA Cult

By Dan Joyce ©2016


‘AA lawsuit


I have been a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for over 30 years. During this time period I have constantly been pressured by individuals and groups in the organization to refuse psychiatric and psychological treatment including taking prescribed medicine for my bipolar condition resulting in enormous hospital, psychiatrist and therapy bills as well as harassment by several of it’s members. I would like for AA to stop this practice as it appears evident in all groups I have attended all over Southern California.

As I said, I spent 30 years in the organization. During which and only during which resulted in countless suicide attempts almost always as a result of member and group direction not to cooperate with psychiatric and psychological treatment. I have witnesses nearly 50% of the members in the organization are forced into this by the criminal court system to a cult that claims God as a cure all. When told of the attempts, none of its members comforted me, instead they taunted me for not being able to do it. AA’s are trained only to speak highly of the organization by the criminal court system. The policy of “anonymity” inhibits them from discussing or speaking publicly regarding illegal or unethical activity. Again, i know to you I am mentally ill. Do not make the person the claim! Check my facts! I encourage you too! The truth is the truth no matter who says it. The very foundation of AA replaces “spirituality” for psychiatric and psychological treatment. Do your research if you don’t believe me. Also, check into the suicide rate. AA itself keeps no statistics. However, only 5% are considered successful in their programs. What happens to the rest? As you as an attorney know, practicing medicine without a license is both a civil and criminal offense. I have 30 years of hospital and psychiatric bills following those suicide attempts to hold them accountable for. They have even filed a false police report claiming I had a gun. It’s not just a lawsuit to me, it is my life. In my years in AA, I have witnessed an enormously high suicide rate I believe to be a result of this. It will be sad if no one hears my case and this dangerous practice continues. If you are wondering why I continued to go, despite their policies of “anonymity,” they became highly involved with my family to pressure me legally and financially into attending their meetings, going to their rehabs and living in their sober livings. I am clean and sober with several successful efforts including an 18 year period, however the harassment has continued.

What I have learned in those 30 years is that abstinence and only abstinence is the only successful practice for remission alcoholism and/or drug abuse, not God, although I am a practicing Christian. Support groups are helpful as we know that alcoholics and drug addicts are highly susceptible to peer pressures, but only in healthy pressured ways. If medicine is required for other ailments it should have no affect on sobriety as neither cigarettes nor caffeine intake seems to have an affect, both are encouraged in the program. It will be sad if no one hears me and this dangerous practice continues.


“Omg! You attempted suicide?! How long ago? “

“Several times, always during my membership in the organization. One of them even offered me a gun to do it. After the first one I was in a coma for 3 days and they taunted me for not being able to do it! I just need to find an attorney brave enough to take them on. I’m going to start filing suits against individuals, then groups”

“Yeah, I don’t condone AA. They’re essentially a cult brainwashing vulnerable people with their groupthink ideology. Do you have money to retain an attorney? They’re not free, unfortunately.”

“Civil suits are usually handled on a contingency basis, often settled out of court and a retainer is not needed. Do the research on the suicide rate in the organization. It’s horrendous! I’m going to offer 30% of the settlement. I have been copying and pasting that text to attorneys and referral services. You would like the case I have. Everything sounds like a conspiracy itself, but I can attain records and call witnesses. I’ve contacted several lawyers, lawyer referral services and Jacoby and Meyers. The internet is great. Turns out that practicing medicine without a license is both a civil and criminal offense.”

“Well, that could be said for supposed ‘doctors’ prescribing marijuana Rx licenses to stoners. I wish they’d crack down on those hedonistic dispensaries & clinics & have a legitimate medical office/doctor prescribe it & retrieve it from a legitimate pharmacy with educated pharmacy techs to distribute and advise on weed prescriptions.”

“No, those guys are licensed unfortunately.”

“By who? The state? How are they able to prescribe weed, but not antibiotics?”

“I’m going to buy some cigarettes. Right now, I am focusing on my AA case. What do you call a case where the attorney accepts part of the settlement for his fees?”

“Pro bono”

“No, that’s when they work for free.”

“Did the cigarette & poison skull perturb you from buying smokes? If so, I’m glad. Save the money for a coffee & a donut instead.”


“Don’t be so naive. She’s a counselor, not an attorney. You won’t be able to speak to one at this time of night on a weekend. C’mon, get real!

“She’s putting me online with one right now!”

“Really? That quickly?”

“The attorney just called me. He says I have a case for Harassment, but I have to find someone who handles that.”

“Jesus f*ckng Christ!”

“The small man is the most important person in society, because without the small man, the whole code of our society becomes very small.”

“True. Right on! I gotta volunteer some for Bernie. I cannot stay in this country if Hillary or Trump win. Seriously!”

“I just heard from Larry H. Parker.”

“Larry H. Parker? What about ‘Better Call Saul’ from Breaking Bad? Lol!”

“Laugh all you want! I’m taking to lawyers, aren’t I? Did you know practicing medicine without a license is both a civil and criminal offense. If I can establish it as a common practice of the organization…”

“Don’t smoke!”

“BTW AA encourages me to smoke, there is a smoking break in nearly every meeting as well as coffee.”

“But did AA practice medicine? I doubt it. THAT will be hard to prove.

“I can hold the organization responsible for the common practice of it’s members.”

“Now that is your Ace card. That they did do to you.”

“It has been a policy in nearly every group and speaker meeting I’ve been to

“I can also sue the individual groups. Damn, I don’t know how many messages I’ve sent. Come Monday, the phone will be ringing off the hook from lawyers.!”

“Hopefully your Obama phone won’t falter & will prove to be reliable next week. I could use one for my stupid traffic ticket. It’s a silly cell phone ticket that I cannot afford to pay. And I was not guilty of talking to nor texting someone. The cop was a dick fulfilling some stupid quota.”

“Don’t talk on your cell phone while driving! It’s dangerous.”

“I didn’t! That is why I’m fighting the ticket. Plus he was an asshole!”

“Be sure to tell the judge that the officer was an asshole! That will really help your case!”

“I know! I just want to get out of this one!”

“Call Saul! Of course he can’t help much because he’s basically fictitious!”

“Are you having another sleepless night?”


“It is the Spring Equinox. Perfect time to start a war. Iraq war began today 15 years ago.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“You’re starting a legal one.”


“Any luck?”

“Just one guy told me to contact the state bar association to enact AA’s practices. I know AAs policies, the problem is that there is no defined structure or central point. Therefor they claim no responsibility for the organizations activities at all.”

“Do they pay taxes?”

“No taxes, it is considered a nonprofit organization. However, the founder maintained the rights to the Big Book that is required reading for all members. He gave the copyright to his mistress after he died. Turns out the spiritual guru founder was a chronic womanizer.”

“The Big Book? That’s their bible isn’t it?

“Yes, some call it a bible and it is commonly manipulated as such. It is practice that your sponsor reads it and interprets it for you. The basic text of it is only 164 pages, but they make it say whatever they want you to believe.”

“Stick it to ’em! I hate groupthink organizations. I also can’t stand TED talks. The whole system is patting each other on the back: local, state & fed gov’t with these cult-like group orgs that prey on poor, vulnerable people looking for guidance, assistance and/or help. No different from religion, really. Do you know Jack Grisham? Singer for TSOL. He is a hardcore AA sponsor, member and speaker. He travels all over the nation for AA meetings to speak to alcoholics and drug addicts. I wonder if he gets paid to do these speeches?”

“I’ve a seen him speak, but I don’t know him. Most AA speakers don’t get paid, they usually make money from recovery homes and other AA based businesses that are labeled “separate” from AA. However, such businesses rely upon AA members to make their money. Detoxes and rehabs work the same way. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. they incorporate AA and the Big Book in their practices. Although AA principles quote “no affiliation” When I was 22 a rehab charged my family $60,000 to give me a room and read me the big book. I got drunk in there twice. It is estimated that 99% of recovery businesses, hospitals, detoxes, recovery homes, etc.. are 12 step. Although AA claims “no affiliation” the organization is monopolizing the industry with their cult religion. Do you know if there are any laws on cult activity?”

“No I don’t think there are.”

“There were no laws established on cult activity following the Jonestown massacre. However laws on coercion do and already did exist. I believe if I can establish that their legal and financial involvement with my family, I can establish a case for coercion. That and the death threats I received when I left the organization. They also physically threatened me several times, that can be considered coercion. But I have to establish that the threats were made to keep me in the organization. That might be difficult.”

“You received death threats?”

“Yes, at least three, when I spoke publically on facebook about their illegal activity.”

“From who?”

“I guy named Dennis, a guy named Pat and a guy named Sean, all members of AA. They have all been reported with the Fullerton Police Department. If this cops kept the records, that can help my case.”

“To be perfectly honest, this sounds like it’d be more of a legal possibility and incentive for an attorney’s interest if you had more people involved as in a class action lawsuit.”

“By suing one individual or one group at a time I can call public attention therefore attracting more victims for a class action suit. It will be hard to find a lawyer willing to fight this case though because AA boasts such a great public record. Celebrities, politicians, even sports figures are all proud members of the organization, like the Scientologists. I have already written one attorney who handles class action suits. I’ve already spoken to two attorneys willing to listen. the first suggested finding a lawyer specific to such cases, but he did say I have a case. the second suggested contacting the state bar association.

“While the organization has no structure, it is notoriously a hierarchy. By taking individuals and individual groups, I can take on the pyramid one brick at a time.

“I can start with Mo’s Fullerton Music Men’t Stag of AA for harassment, then go on to the Fullerton Alano Center. From there, I have a list of groups I have attended all over southern california who have adopted the same practices. Once the practices are established, I can claim the organization as a whole. Mo’s and the Alano club are considered more moderate meetings. If I can get them, the rest will be easyMo’s group holds a campout once a year and encourages the usage of guns many are reported to be illegal weapons.They have harassed me the most, coming to my parent’s house late at night and scared my family, showing up at my work and threatening me also at my gym, finding me in an undisclosed apartment. and of course, a multitude of physical threats. Of course I will have to go after their attorney. If the members of the organization are anonymous, how can they justify their attorney getting involved with my family and taking money from my 70 year old mother? The main thing is that in spite of it’s lack of structure, it is a notorious hierarchy. My strategy is to attack the pyramid one brick at a time until I have enough to fault the entire organization. It’s not going to be easy. This family lost their case and their daughter was murdered in AA. 12 Step Murder


Note: This is a true story. The incidents and names are all true and fact. My female friend in the conversation will remain anonymous for her obvious safety. Many people all across the country may be going through the harassment and coercion I am speaking of and suffer, not to mention the countless cases of sexual abuse and domestic violence I have seen in those rooms. Modern scientific studies are showing different results regarding AA’s theory of the “disease” of alcohol and that moderation and will power are more successful in quitting. In fact, those studies are showing that more people die after attempting sobriety in AA than alcoholics who have never gone at all. There is no scientific proof that alcoholism is actually a disease nor is it genetic as AA claims it to be. However, the recovery industry lobbies our government to say different. The 12 steps have nothing to do with drinking at all. Instead they are a highly recruiting basis for a religious cult. If this or anything you have read concerns you contact local politicians and authorities. AA boasts only a 5% success rate for its members, what happens to the rest?

AA – A Vision for You

“Ok Polly Anna, what am I supposed to do? Sit back and take it while some sponsor holds my hand? I’ll spell it out for you sister! I’ve got guys that boast guns stalking me! I’ve had physical and legal threats! I’ve got a lawyer from AA fucking up my family! I’ve had legal harassments, financial rip-offs claiming I’m being of service! Bosses in the organization cheat me on fair wages and goods and services! They’ve sold me run down group homes, rehabs, expensive hospitals, forced institutionalization. They’ve exploited my illnesses. They’ve unfairly banned me from nearly all the groups! I’ve seen a suicide rate that is sky rocketed. They’ve intentionally gotten lovers and friends loaded on drugs. All on a blind cultish faith that tells them they’re on a mission from God that can do no wrong and I say it’s bullshit! Because I’ve been in the organization for thirty years and they want to silence me, because all I’ve seen of them all my life is that

In a study taken by AA of 100 alcoholics attending AA meetings to get sober,
After one year, 5 stayed sober, 56 were still drinking and 39 were dead.


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