Artisan – Post 75 – The Time Is A Tickin’ And I’m A Missin’ A Hearin’ A Message From You

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 75

The Time is a Tickin’ and I’m a Missin’ a Hearin’ A Message from You


Chords: E A Bm E


I did you great wrong

So I’m singin’ this song

I even offered bad art

But I heard nothin’

And no responsin’

Not even the Sound of a Fart



The Time is a Tickin’

And I’m a Missin’

A Hearin’ a message from you

I know I done wrong

So I wrote you this song

So I won’t a feelin’ so Blue


I wrote you some letters

To make you feel better

I know my attitude sucked

And I spilled my guts

To sound like a nut

But you don’t even give a fuck!



I’m nearin’ my end

To make you a friend

So we can sing harmony

So if you talk to me

And if you forgived me

Just think of how better it be

Chorus 2x


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