Artisan – Post 73 – The Tragedy Of Samson And Delilah

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 73

The Tragedy Of Samson And Delilah


I walked the earth for several years

Nothing greater than I to fear

No battle lost, not here, nor there

With nothing stronger than my hair

I was king to Philistines

Before I met her of my dreams

Her beauty yielded in my heart

She was a focus of my art

Yet when at first she tempted me

I scoffed her off and let her be

Again she tried again she failed

My strength was mightier I hailed

But then one night one evil night

I lay in her bed by candlelight

She tempted me amidst an air

Then took a knife and cut my hair

My strength was gone. My will was weak

I turned and kissed her on the cheek

Then lost to women, wine and song

I faired I would not be as strong

Take me Lord and hear my cry

That not another day go by

Without your grace to guide my fight

And I shall love you as I die

And so I tore the pillars to part

With Grace and Strength within my heart

They buried me inside a tomb

Inscribed by love and lover’s doom.

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