Artisan – Post 67 – The Songs Of Socrates

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 67

The Songs Of Socrates


 In my college years, I took several classes in logic and philosophy, critical thinking, aesthetics, existentialism, etc… They went into great depths of truths, life’s meanings, religions and the arts. However, the greatest lesson I can remember, or at least the one that stuck in my mind the most, was that Socrates started to learn to play the flute at the age of sixty. Then, as now, sixty was an extremely old age. Not stuck in his way or an old dog that can’t learn new tricks, he showed that the human mind is always capable of growth and understanding new ideas. We can always learn new things if only we open our minds.

In his honor, I have decided to return to college to study music production starting with much needed singing lessons. I have in midlife learned that happiness is truly an inside job. I already know a little guitar, keyboard and a few recording techniques. While the great philosopher only ventured with a wooden flute and I will be using modern technology, I intend to fulfill much satisfaction exercising my mind in many new ways and sharing them on my blog while others can grow and learn in their own ways as well. Life is truly a journey, rarely a destination. In the honor of the great Greek learn as much as you can in and about life. We only have one.

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