Artisan – Post 64 – The Dance Of The Deaf

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 64

The Dance Of The Deaf


Deaf people feel sound through the vibrations that noise makes waves that pulsate motivate cause to dance. But what is the dance of the deaf? A strong bass Hip Hop music, a bebop jazz, a blaring rock concert? The sounds are music,, the sounds are orchestrated, choreographed, produced, created, performed, recorded and sold to people who don’t know sound. I know a lot of American Sign Language deaf people taught it to me in Sierra Vista, across the street from Patton. Later in a boarding home I had a deaf roommate, we would fight over the telephone chord, he had a machine he liked to use to talk to his friends. I broke a window with my fist one night of insanity and was asked to leave. He was the only one who wished me goodbye. I guess even silent, the world is still a beautiful place.

I feel stagnant pressure unable to speak my freedom the computer is a monster bars drugs hookers haunting of a past life who am I now what is my meaning? what am I searching for? Silence mockery criticism cornered yet freed from delusion the phone texts “Thank you for the flowers” and how can I speak to her who is not hearing me without yelling or frightening with the strangeness I have in myself and is not that strangeness in her who can see my hazel eyes and tell me she loves me who can feel the beat of my heart and take away lonely who can cross my limitations and walk away lovely? What is the dance of the deaf?

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