Artisan – Post 61 – A Man With Money

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 61

A Man With Money


I want to be

A man with money

With a big fancy car

and a sweet heart honey

A fat cigar

Dipped in Bacardi

My mansion large

With enormous parties

I want to see the world

From my private jet

While buying pearls

With the cash I get

I’ll never be broke

In need or hunger

I’ll just live in hope

A money monger

My nights will be grand

My days will be fast

Just spending away

And counting my cash

Then again there are things

That money can’t buy

And heaven won’t bring

Those living the lie

Because no one loves

Someone selfish inside

I could be alone

Swallowing my own pride

But in the end

Maybe I have the life

With a few good friends

And just getting by

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