Artisan – Post 59 – The Loser’s Lie

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 59

The Loser’s Lie


There is a lie that we listen to, a lie that is told every day. It says that the world, our lives are just one big game. People win. People lose. Money, property, relationships, family, anything you can measure can become points in this game. Those who have more will gloat, the sore winners of society. Those who hunger, who have less, are deemed at loss. As though they lack the fulfillment of life. The lie is that you are a loser, that the gift of life has somehow cheated you. Others will taunt this in a bullish ways. They attack the most sensitive values. Anything you’ve accomplished is worthless, they will say. I’ve had my talents, my intellect, my esteem mocked like children in a schoolyard teasing to pick a fight. Never believe the loser’s lie. Someone who wins at the expense of others cannot be a victor at all. Yes, we have presidents. Yes, we have billionaires, and yes, we have beautiful models. But in the end, we all end up in the same size box. To think that life is of loss, that is the loser’s lie. From Socrates belief that all is known within to Sartre’s living for the moment, it must be clear that the blessings of life are intangible, immeasurable, unique and in no way a game. Yet so many will tell the loser’s lie as though others will listen to that lie. But the truth is always within. We are given more than imaginable, more than can be amounted, a surplus of purpose and meaning. Money does not buy the loser’s lie, not power, not popularity nor prestige. No one on can tell you the loser’s lie. Only the loser listens, because the loser lies to himself.

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