Artisan – Post 55 – Cruz And Conservative Criticism

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 55

Cruz And Conservative Criticism


When debating American rights and freedoms, conservatives are usually aggressively defensive coming up with the same arguments and attacking statements to defend our free country. The typical claim, “America, love it or leave it!” is still heard strongly today and is used to invoke unnecessary fear into anyone who opposes that extremist political agenda. It often sounds like this, “well if you don’t like this country so much you would want to change something about it, then why don’t you go to another country where they don’t have any freedoms?” Now, they’re obviously not talking about Denmark, Sweden or Belgium where a different more liberal economy is working well and people exercise sometimes even more freedoms than our grand old constitution. No, they are talking about a third world or Arab country that is totalitarian, against personal rights and often economically bankrupt, because in their narrow minds, that is the only choice.

Another is the veteran’s argument. I fought for freedoms that allow jerks like you to criticize our country. Well, it doesn’t sound too much like he wanted us to have those freedoms in the first place. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so upset when we exercise them. Don’t get me wrong! I support our troops and what they have historically done for our country. I also support our police forces. I just seriously question the pathology of any individual who voluntarily signs up for a profession, which may involve killing people. Veterans thank you for fighting for our freedoms, but when you come back home, please let us keep them! Also, the only amendment in the bill of rights these conservative crackpots ever place any importance on is the 2nd amendment right to own a gun. So we are assured that if we do disagree with them about keeping our other rights or even want to change anything about the system in our favor, we can always keep in mind that they are armed and dangerous. This is all in the name of a loving God.

Which comes to my final point. Being a Christian political party, since when did the Wall Street tycoons of the Republican Party become allowed to buy the Christian religion? There are multitudes of contradictions between the bible and the teachings of Christ and what they call the moral Republican Party platform. Economically speaking, Christ simply wasn’t a supply side economist. He talked about things like healing the sick and feeding the poor, whereas these would cost Republican redeemers too much money! Their solution to poverty always sound the same, “If they try hard enough anyone can be rich and have money, because I do!” And when it came to taxes, he said to pay them, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar! Give to God what belongs to God!” I guess that one just is too old-fashioned for the cronies that don’t want to catch up to the times on gay marriage. It is no doubt why the conservatives and Republicans are facing a disastrous Armageddon in the future of their party. Well, we liberals spent many a year fighting in protests and at the polls for them to be such ingrates.

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