Artisan – Post 53 – Lindsay And Leonardo

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 53

Lindsay And Leonardo


Today I saw Lindsay, a homeless woman I was accused of taking advantage of for an art book, The Crazy Communist. She was, as usual, happy to see me and at the market with Cory another homeless friend of ours. I haven’t been able to afford oil paint, but I give them cigarettes and what money I have, as I have for years, so that someday I can paint beautiful portraits of them. Not to sound angry, but it was a low shot to think I would use this impoverished couple for ill advantage. I bought Lindsay a cappuccino coffee, but Cory was upset and he didn’t want one himself. Instead, he said some things about his emotional state that worried me. I told him he would always be cared for by a lot of people and try not to do anything drastic. It’s hard times for many people, especially those of us with sensitive emotions. Tomorrow I will be going to a mental health clinic for an outpatient program I have voluntarily signed up for. There I will see more of my friends. Many will be doing much better. As a fine artist, I have worked with and studied the Fullerton homeless population for nearly 15 years. I try not to brag about the friends I’ve made in the homeless community, but I would never take advantage of them for my own artistic or political gain. It is really hurtful that someone would say something like that. I hope the artists will take it for what it is.

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