Artisan – Post 54 – Brutes And Bullies

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 54

Brutes And Bullies


I don’t get why people support bullying online and discourage people from trying to stop it. Their argument is always the same, “If we don’t allow kids to be bullied, they won’t learn to deal with it in life and all our kids will be wearing pink shirts.” That’s ridiculous! As if not getting beat up everyday is going to turn them gay!

I dealt with a lot of bullying in school and as an adult. There are many ways to bully a person physically, intellectually and socially. It is a terrible and traumatic thing to have to endure. Psychologists are now defining a new kind of bullying not with kids. “Adult bullying” occurs commonly in the workplace and in social groups like churches, gyms and commonly in 12 step groups. I get that some people come from harsh backgrounds were beaten or emotionally abused badly, but that doesn’t have to carry on to to them picking on everyone they deal with.

The system is WHACK! If someone is unfairly intimidated physically, emotionally or even sexually, that should in any circumstance be stopped. But we as a society are lead to believe that abuse is not a bad thing. That instead it makes us better people. Offices of psychologists and therapists are filled with people unable to cope or deal with such trauma.

So what is the solution? My father always told me to stand up for myself and fight back! The problem was that whether or not I lost the fight, I was in a deeper mess. Some smaller kids had bigger friends and I would have to fight them. If I lost the fight, I would have to submit to even harsher bullying. Eventually, I became like an outlaw gunslinger fighting every kid in school that wanted trouble. It all ended in a hospital room one day with a broken nose. That was when I took up drinking. I don’t know if I drank because I wanted the bullies to think I was cool, if drinking helped me to cope with the bullying or if the alcohol just made a really effective painkiller!

I tried my best in life not to be bullied, but somehow I’ve never found the right solution or really found it useful in any way. Even when I fought back, I only ended up in more trouble, because the school would only blame me for being in the fight or being harmed to begin with. To this day, I’ve never figured out how I could walk across a high school campus, get beat up and end up in detention. But hey! At least I never had to wear a pink shirt!

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