Artisan – Post 48 – Power Predators

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 48

Power Predators


“I want my life back. I want my mind, my meaning, my God…. I want the world that was taught and told it would be.”

“Then get it!”

“It’s more complicated than that. The problem lies in a game, a game that we are instructed life is and as a game, we wish to win. But by probability, most of us don’t. It’s a lottery really, buying into an American dream like we buy and lose a dream when we scratch a lottery ticket. Really, I don’t like to play. It seems foolish to lose money in a game where the odds are always against you, but society is structured that we have to play this game and in doing so, most of us have to lose.”

“Then what about those who win? Why take their hard work away from them?”

“Because most often they cheat! And they cheat and play for the wrong reasons. Money, currency is just paper or now digital transferences. Power is what is really desired. Power over people, power to control to make and destroy lives, to get even with those we dislike and to build oneself to be a “Godhead” of one’s own. It is not morality that is wrong with civilization, it is the lack of morality used to cheat society and beat the game. Some people are just good and ruining other people and that’s how the game is won.”

“No! What about working hard and getting ahead?”

“That is the promise we are given, but that is not what gets ahead. If working hard led to success, good students would all do well in life. That has nothing to do with it. It’s more a social play, to divide us against ourselves, to allow the rotten to be right. I was once a successful business when my father was alive. Now, the family has taken to financial and legal action to destroy the chance I had of success. There was no reason for it. Most didn’t even financially gain from it. They did it for two reasons. One, they wanted to win! As if we were still children playing a game of monopoly, the ability to eat and survive well beyond their needs was winning, especially if it meant taking away the ability for others to do so. Two, they did it because they wanted to control, the power over another person to puppet a suicidal ideation that legally they themselves cannot murder, but force it through the actions of another. It is blood!”

“Then get away from them!”

“I have and I’ve tried. However, such sociopathic people are marks in society. What was once a simple art business my father built me is now part of a growing art movement in my community.”

“That’s good! No?”

“No, it was more like Walmart moving next door. I had to do business with them and for a while I enjoyed it. Until one man came along who had no talent, no training or education in the arts, whose gift of social manipulation and dirty politicking only set to “ruin” me. He was the greatest game player of the local art market and one of the biggest power predators I’ve ever run into. I tried to fight him, but only lost worse. Maybe my life will go down losing, but I swear to go down fighting. That wherever one works hard, wherever one builds and develops in his craft, that wherever one is promised the dream, that dream he should have a better chance to receive and not just those whose only talent is power!”

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