Artisan – Post 45 – Sexism And The Sociopath

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Sexism And The Sociopath


“You are a sexist! You hate women!”

“Of course, I don’t hate women. I just don’t like being targeted and profiled by a group of people, who offer equality to all, yet want to isolate a few. Often the “identified villains” are the innocent and insecure just struggling to get what we all want in life, love, success and happiness… It may not be so much that I am against women as some feminists are on a witch hunt against a certain type of man who wants to be a part of their movement as much as anyone else. Really, I see the world like a three-dimensional rainbow, a series of infinite snowflakes or an everlasting thumbprint. We are all beautifully unique individuals of really no class or category whatsoever. Yet, some feminism, is like a sexism in it’s own. So many target those in therapy, the mentally ill, the “psychos” of the world who by literal definition are nothing of the sort of what we are calling them. Statistics show that these “CRAZY WHACKOS” that are the mentally ill population, in therapy trying to better themselves, they are the ones more likely to be victims of violence than to create the violent acts themselves. Yet, society doesn’t want to see that. We want to believe in the bad seed, the born rotten, the evil that we cannot identify in reality, yet are flooded with in movies and media. I say this because I’ve had extensive education in therapy and psychological treatments and I’m tired of people yelling fire in a crowded theatre when claiming the average treated mentally ill person is a psycho out to kill people! The truth is that the men who hate women, and likewise, women who hate men, are sociopaths, charismatic people with no conscience. I have seen it time and time again, yet we as women and men are more drawn to this type in attraction, because they, being so falsely charming, are leaders, persuaders, master manipulators and often extremely good liars. There is no treatment for such a pathological person, yet they walk freely all throughout society. They are men who hate women, they are women who hate men and they are just down right awful selfish people whose right to entitlement infringes upon others usually those weaker. They lack empathy and a sense of guilt and conscience. They differ from standard mental illnesses that are usually caused by imbalanced chemicals in the brain. They don’t need medicine! They don’t need therapy! They need morals!”

“What? Are you saying psychotic people are good people?”

“By most definitions, psychosis is a false thought, an alter-reality. They have more trouble understanding themselves and the world around them than to actually be of any harm to others. Hitchcock, Stephen King, psychological thriller writers and media sound bites, have convinced us that it means something different. Psychosis is more common that you would think. Take for example paranoia. Have you ever been away from a table of friends, heard them laughing and had the false belief they were mocking you? That is a light form of what science in actuality would call psychotic. In extreme cases, such as schizophrenia, they are troubled by hallucinations, seeing things, hearing things that aren’t there, but are busier and more obsessed with listening and watching these than ever doing anything about it. Falling in love foolishly and unrealistically is another form of psychosis, yet haven’t we all done this at one point in our lives or another? Some psychologists believe most adolescent experiences are a temporary psychosis. Does that mean we kill people? No! Of course not! The truth is that much of society, feminism included, targets these emotionally and logically weak people as bad guys when they are not! Yet in reality, those we see as the good guys, the good looking and charmingly persuasive are more likely the misogynist. It is true good girls like bad boys, but don’t expect good things from him! Don’t get me wrong! There are great amounts of crimes going on against women as we speak, probably more so than ever, in 88% of domestic violence cases, the police don’t follow through on even after they are reported. It is of epidemic proportions, but not the from the causes we’re told.”

“Well, then that would be the psychos doing it, right?”

“No! Sociopaths, men and women are often well sound in society. Being charismatic, morally dishonest and terrific liars, are often quite successful and in leadership roles. What we commonly call the “alphas” of social structures, because they are naturally dominant people. They make good salesmen, corrupt politicians and keen, as well as cutting, in business. Face it! It doesn’t always pay to be honest in this world. Although it is a safer way to succeed, good guys still often finish last. So before you get took, ask yourself a couple questions. Is this relationship too good to be true? Is this person loving you or lying to you? All I’m saying is that from this targeting, profiling and witch hunting the wrong people, some feminist movements are terribly misleading and that those who would like to hop on to the bandwagon of equality and truth and justice for all are often left out because they are easier ridiculed and I’m sorry to say, socially weaker. Hey! We all want to love and be loved, whatever warped view of man you may think that may be. As far as media telling women what they should be, that happens to all of us. The law of attraction is that people will be drawn to those most like themselves, right? So attractive people are attracted to attractive people and unattractive people likewise? Wrong! The majority are attracted to the attractive and yes, society tells us what that is for both sexes, whether the anorexic model or the steroid male trying to buy washboard abs he can’t naturally get in middle-aged years. These instructed structures of “impossible beauty” have been going on since the canons of perfection developed for statues of Greek gods and goddesses in ancient history and we now see them on television, in the movies, in fashion magazines and on the Internet constantly selling us something. No matter who you are! I’ve run into it in business time and time again. In one case, I had a female operations officer at a bank tell me if I wanted to be a better bank teller I would have to look in the mirror and was fired on those grounds. How is that not trying to establish a looks-based sex-oriented business? And does that only happen to women? No! But as a fifty-year old man I have had several relationships and most all have been meaningful. And while there are many modern ways to meet and get to know someone, whether a coffee date, eHarmony or taking a gym class, I can tell you that there is no magic formula for falling in love. It just happens and before you try to label an innocent person to convince him of something he really doesn’t want to be, ask yourself, is that really equality?”

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