Artisan – Post 44 – Selling Spirituality

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 44

Selling Spirituality


No doubt, next to prostitution, religion has got to be the world’s oldest profession. While some themes of the spiritualist have seemed to remain consistent over time, “God loves us! Be peaceful! Love one another! Be happy!” The most consistent and irritating message of all organized religion seems to be, “We want money!” While some churches simply demand “tithing” 10% of all your income, others more subtly just pass a basket implying that you may opt to hear whatever spiritual sermon being sold for free. But why would God, the divine perfection and all encompassing intelligent being, need our money? Maybe because money intrinsic to the structure of any society? Maybe, as the preacher says, he gave so freely to us, we give back to him? But the basic argument seems to be that you need to pay for the building, the lights, the heating, the band and the preacher who never seems to have a day job. Without question, even God the almighty Himself, can’t escape the man made system of economics no matter what name He uses or where He goes.

Also, money is a vast political tool. So much so, that I would wager to say that 90% of all politics is economics. Sure they sell their independent interests to the people in the pews, prayer in school, anti-abortion, blame it all on gay marriage… in a distracting way so as to overlook the real issues being politically backed, laissez-faire capitalism, wars to overtake resources in third world countries, widespread access to guns and firearms of all kinds for everyone, get rid of welfare programs so we don’t feed the poor, get rid of healthcare programs so we don’t heal the sick, and of course, racial divisions. Seems the pastor of the average Christian church or any communion of God concept in modern religion or whatever brand of spiritualism being sold sounds more in favor of the rule of Herod than those of the preaching of Christ. And even though modern pastors and spiritual gurus preach a “personal relationship” with God or whatever Higher Power being sold, we always seem to have to gather together in fellowship to by told by someone else what that is.

The fact is obvious, from the Buddha, to the impoverished Jesus, “Money doesn’t make you moral!” But it does make you quite popular in society and that is what is currently being and has always been sold as spirituality.

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