Artisan – Post 64 – The Dance Of The Deaf

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 64

The Dance Of The Deaf


Deaf people feel sound through the vibrations that noise makes waves that pulsate motivate cause to dance. But what is the dance of the deaf? A strong bass Hip Hop music, a bebop jazz, a blaring rock concert? The sounds are music,, the sounds are orchestrated, choreographed, produced, created, performed, recorded and sold to people who don’t know sound. I know a lot of American Sign Language deaf people taught it to me in Sierra Vista, across the street from Patton. Later in a boarding home I had a deaf roommate, we would fight over the telephone chord, he had a machine he liked to use to talk to his friends. I broke a window with my fist one night of insanity and was asked to leave. He was the only one who wished me goodbye. I guess even silent, the world is still a beautiful place.

I feel stagnant pressure unable to speak my freedom the computer is a monster bars drugs hookers haunting of a past life who am I now what is my meaning? what am I searching for? Silence mockery criticism cornered yet freed from delusion the phone texts “Thank you for the flowers” and how can I speak to her who is not hearing me without yelling or frightening with the strangeness I have in myself and is not that strangeness in her who can see my hazel eyes and tell me she loves me who can feel the beat of my heart and take away lonely who can cross my limitations and walk away lovely? What is the dance of the deaf?

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Artisan – Post 63 – Ballad Of The Butterfly

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 63

Ballad Of The Butterfly


I saw a butterfly


Leaving his cocoon

I wondered why


Did this butterfly die?

The earth had no reason

To take his life

Nor God

Nor autumn season

I cry

Fly butterfly


Flutter I’m the sky

Roam and flirt on by

Talk to me I cry

Tell me butterfly


Falling in the mire


Little guy try

I buried him near by

He had no home

I gave him mine

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Artisan – Post 62 – Watching The World

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 62

Watching The World


I died in my sleep one night

Not sure how

Health problems I think

And now I sit in this place

This strange place sitting

Watching lives go on

I used to like to hear them mention me

And see

What I did right or wrong

Maybe think about what I could have done


My friends my family

Maybe a legacy

But I was soon forgot

And their lives

Brought other lives

And I became interested in their struggles

And victories

As the land they lived in

Became a story, a novel in its own

Maybe Michener or Haley

And soon I forget about me

Or used to be

And just sit here

And watch the world

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Artisan – Post 61 – A Man With Money

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 61

A Man With Money


I want to be

A man with money

With a big fancy car

and a sweet heart honey

A fat cigar

Dipped in Bacardi

My mansion large

With enormous parties

I want to see the world

From my private jet

While buying pearls

With the cash I get

I’ll never be broke

In need or hunger

I’ll just live in hope

A money monger

My nights will be grand

My days will be fast

Just spending away

And counting my cash

Then again there are things

That money can’t buy

And heaven won’t bring

Those living the lie

Because no one loves

Someone selfish inside

I could be alone

Swallowing my own pride

But in the end

Maybe I have the life

With a few good friends

And just getting by

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Artisan – Post 60 – Art Walks And Alcohol

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 60

Art Walks And Alcohol


In 2010, I had reserved an art showing at a successful Fullerton gallery for the summer. At the time, I was active in recovery and I suggested that alcohol not be freely served at the night of the opening as most of my customers and attendees would be coming from churches and 12-step groups. The curator was offended by my request and cancelled the show. This made me think, why is it so necessary that alcohol always be customarily served at art openings and often for free? As a fine artist, I have trained many years and worked too hard on my craft to want to think people would have to get drunk before they bought my work.

Traditionally, wine has been served at art occasions to lubricate the pocketbook. People have a couple drinks, their decision-making skills suffer and they are more likely to part with their money. It’s not to have a big party and get everybody drunk on free booze. Unfortunately, the latter is more often than not the case, especially when it comes to city art walks, where the galleries are typically open only for that one night a month. If you want a big party, I get it! But don’t expect to sell a lot of art. The Santa Ana art walk was just that case for too many years. Everyone showed up for the free booze, had a good time and while it looked like a successful business venture, nothing was selling.

I’m not trying to be a reformist or a temperance advocate. I’m just stating the facts. Yes, alcohol increases sales. For that reason, you will find readily available at country clubs, gambling casinos and auction houses often sold only on a tip basis. As long as there has been salesmen and capitalism, there has been alcohol used to influence. Then what is the difference between a successful high-end art gallery with free wine and an art walk party with a bunch of locals getting hammered. For one, the high0class galleries also serve other things such as h’ordeuvres and catered food. The clientele is to buy and not to drink, although a cocktail or two are usually enjoyed.

So what can a gallery do to increase sales other than serve food? There are many approaches. One, rather inefficient one, is to rent the space to the artist to show. But then, everyone shows up, gets drunk and the artist gets a big party in his honor to impress his friends and family. Sadly though, I find the only ones who ever buy a painting there are his friends and family if he’s lucky. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he could just as well sell them the painting himself without the gallery. Also, a gallery for rent, is not going to draw in the most well craft of art. All that is accomplished then is a vanity art show.

In the 1980’s, the streets of downtown Fullerton were occupied with over a dozen successful art galleries that used another approach. True they had the openings available to the whole community and threw a big party once a month or so. However, with the high fixed expenses and costly real estate, they only opened the galleries on appointment during the rest of the month. This worked much better. On the big nights, they held their parties. During the workweek, they sold. Think about it! A high end businessman is less likely to go to an art walk for a Friday night party and more likely to show up at his timing and convenience for a special more private showing. Also, when invited, he will more likely be prepared to buy knowing that the artist is going out of his way to meet him. The results were fantastic. People would go to the art walks on the weekend night, talk about the art during the week and those who wished to buy got the red carpet. It was also easier for that galleries and artists to transact business without the loud music and chatter of a lookiloo crowd. No matter what approach they take, the party approach cannot continue due to an obviously foreseen lack of income, the party will be over and the art walks will be gone. And that’s a shame. Because, I as an artist, love to be a part of great culture.

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Artisan – Post 59 – The Loser’s Lie

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 59

The Loser’s Lie


There is a lie that we listen to, a lie that is told every day. It says that the world, our lives are just one big game. People win. People lose. Money, property, relationships, family, anything you can measure can become points in this game. Those who have more will gloat, the sore winners of society. Those who hunger, who have less, are deemed at loss. As though they lack the fulfillment of life. The lie is that you are a loser, that the gift of life has somehow cheated you. Others will taunt this in a bullish ways. They attack the most sensitive values. Anything you’ve accomplished is worthless, they will say. I’ve had my talents, my intellect, my esteem mocked like children in a schoolyard teasing to pick a fight. Never believe the loser’s lie. Someone who wins at the expense of others cannot be a victor at all. Yes, we have presidents. Yes, we have billionaires, and yes, we have beautiful models. But in the end, we all end up in the same size box. To think that life is of loss, that is the loser’s lie. From Socrates belief that all is known within to Sartre’s living for the moment, it must be clear that the blessings of life are intangible, immeasurable, unique and in no way a game. Yet so many will tell the loser’s lie as though others will listen to that lie. But the truth is always within. We are given more than imaginable, more than can be amounted, a surplus of purpose and meaning. Money does not buy the loser’s lie, not power, not popularity nor prestige. No one on can tell you the loser’s lie. Only the loser listens, because the loser lies to himself.

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