Artisan – Post 64 – The Dance Of The Deaf

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 64

The Dance Of The Deaf


Deaf people feel sound through the vibrations that noise makes waves that pulsate motivate cause to dance. But what is the dance of the deaf? A strong bass Hip Hop music, a bebop jazz, a blaring rock concert? The sounds are music,, the sounds are orchestrated, choreographed, produced, created, performed, recorded and sold to people who don’t know sound. I know a lot of American Sign Language deaf people taught it to me in Sierra Vista, across the street from Patton. Later in a boarding home I had a deaf roommate, we would fight over the telephone chord, he had a machine he liked to use to talk to his friends. I broke a window with my fist one night of insanity and was asked to leave. He was the only one who wished me goodbye. I guess even silent, the world is still a beautiful place.

I feel stagnant pressure unable to speak my freedom the computer is a monster bars drugs hookers haunting of a past life who am I now what is my meaning? what am I searching for? Silence mockery criticism cornered yet freed from delusion the phone texts “Thank you for the flowers” and how can I speak to her who is not hearing me without yelling or frightening with the strangeness I have in myself and is not that strangeness in her who can see my hazel eyes and tell me she loves me who can feel the beat of my heart and take away lonely who can cross my limitations and walk away lovely? What is the dance of the deaf?

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Artisan – Post 63 – Ballad Of The Butterfly

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 63

Ballad Of The Butterfly


I saw a butterfly


Leaving his cocoon

I wondered why


Did this butterfly die?

The earth had no reason

To take his life

Nor God

Nor autumn season

I cry

Fly butterfly


Flutter I’m the sky

Roam and flirt on by

Talk to me I cry

Tell me butterfly


Falling in the mire


Little guy try

I buried him near by

He had no home

I gave him mine

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Artisan – Post 62 – Watching The World

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 62

Watching The World


I died in my sleep one night

Not sure how

Health problems I think

And now I sit in this place

This strange place sitting

Watching lives go on

I used to like to hear them mention me

And see

What I did right or wrong

Maybe think about what I could have done


My friends my family

Maybe a legacy

But I was soon forgot

And their lives

Brought other lives

And I became interested in their struggles

And victories

As the land they lived in

Became a story, a novel in its own

Maybe Michener or Haley

And soon I forget about me

Or used to be

And just sit here

And watch the world

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Artisan – Post 61 – A Man With Money

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 61

A Man With Money


I want to be

A man with money

With a big fancy car

and a sweet heart honey

A fat cigar

Dipped in Bacardi

My mansion large

With enormous parties

I want to see the world

From my private jet

While buying pearls

With the cash I get

I’ll never be broke

In need or hunger

I’ll just live in hope

A money monger

My nights will be grand

My days will be fast

Just spending away

And counting my cash

Then again there are things

That money can’t buy

And heaven won’t bring

Those living the lie

Because no one loves

Someone selfish inside

I could be alone

Swallowing my own pride

But in the end

Maybe I have the life

With a few good friends

And just getting by

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Artisan – Post 60 – Art Walks And Alcohol

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 60

Art Walks And Alcohol


In 2010, I had reserved an art showing at a successful Fullerton gallery for the summer. At the time, I was active in recovery and I suggested that alcohol not be freely served at the night of the opening as most of my customers and attendees would be coming from churches and 12-step groups. The curator was offended by my request and cancelled the show. This made me think, why is it so necessary that alcohol always be customarily served at art openings and often for free? As a fine artist, I have trained many years and worked too hard on my craft to want to think people would have to get drunk before they bought my work.

Traditionally, wine has been served at art occasions to lubricate the pocketbook. People have a couple drinks, their decision-making skills suffer and they are more likely to part with their money. It’s not to have a big party and get everybody drunk on free booze. Unfortunately, the latter is more often than not the case, especially when it comes to city art walks, where the galleries are typically open only for that one night a month. If you want a big party, I get it! But don’t expect to sell a lot of art. The Santa Ana art walk was just that case for too many years. Everyone showed up for the free booze, had a good time and while it looked like a successful business venture, nothing was selling.

I’m not trying to be a reformist or a temperance advocate. I’m just stating the facts. Yes, alcohol increases sales. For that reason, you will find readily available at country clubs, gambling casinos and auction houses often sold only on a tip basis. As long as there has been salesmen and capitalism, there has been alcohol used to influence. Then what is the difference between a successful high-end art gallery with free wine and an art walk party with a bunch of locals getting hammered. For one, the high0class galleries also serve other things such as h’ordeuvres and catered food. The clientele is to buy and not to drink, although a cocktail or two are usually enjoyed.

So what can a gallery do to increase sales other than serve food? There are many approaches. One, rather inefficient one, is to rent the space to the artist to show. But then, everyone shows up, gets drunk and the artist gets a big party in his honor to impress his friends and family. Sadly though, I find the only ones who ever buy a painting there are his friends and family if he’s lucky. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he could just as well sell them the painting himself without the gallery. Also, a gallery for rent, is not going to draw in the most well craft of art. All that is accomplished then is a vanity art show.

In the 1980’s, the streets of downtown Fullerton were occupied with over a dozen successful art galleries that used another approach. True they had the openings available to the whole community and threw a big party once a month or so. However, with the high fixed expenses and costly real estate, they only opened the galleries on appointment during the rest of the month. This worked much better. On the big nights, they held their parties. During the workweek, they sold. Think about it! A high end businessman is less likely to go to an art walk for a Friday night party and more likely to show up at his timing and convenience for a special more private showing. Also, when invited, he will more likely be prepared to buy knowing that the artist is going out of his way to meet him. The results were fantastic. People would go to the art walks on the weekend night, talk about the art during the week and those who wished to buy got the red carpet. It was also easier for that galleries and artists to transact business without the loud music and chatter of a lookiloo crowd. No matter what approach they take, the party approach cannot continue due to an obviously foreseen lack of income, the party will be over and the art walks will be gone. And that’s a shame. Because, I as an artist, love to be a part of great culture.

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Artisan – Post 59 – The Loser’s Lie

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 59

The Loser’s Lie


There is a lie that we listen to, a lie that is told every day. It says that the world, our lives are just one big game. People win. People lose. Money, property, relationships, family, anything you can measure can become points in this game. Those who have more will gloat, the sore winners of society. Those who hunger, who have less, are deemed at loss. As though they lack the fulfillment of life. The lie is that you are a loser, that the gift of life has somehow cheated you. Others will taunt this in a bullish ways. They attack the most sensitive values. Anything you’ve accomplished is worthless, they will say. I’ve had my talents, my intellect, my esteem mocked like children in a schoolyard teasing to pick a fight. Never believe the loser’s lie. Someone who wins at the expense of others cannot be a victor at all. Yes, we have presidents. Yes, we have billionaires, and yes, we have beautiful models. But in the end, we all end up in the same size box. To think that life is of loss, that is the loser’s lie. From Socrates belief that all is known within to Sartre’s living for the moment, it must be clear that the blessings of life are intangible, immeasurable, unique and in no way a game. Yet so many will tell the loser’s lie as though others will listen to that lie. But the truth is always within. We are given more than imaginable, more than can be amounted, a surplus of purpose and meaning. Money does not buy the loser’s lie, not power, not popularity nor prestige. No one on can tell you the loser’s lie. Only the loser listens, because the loser lies to himself.

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Artisan – Post 58 – I’m A Mean Old Man

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 58

I’m A Mean Old Man


Filled out paperwork

At the doctor’s office


Under age, I wrote 50

And I realized

How much of my life is gone

No puppies to play with

No ball games with dad

I Don’t like kittens

Or long walk in the sand

Not me

I’m a mean old man

Just give me some soda

A cheap cigar

And leave me alone

In my old folks home

Your games and small chatter

I really can’t stand

Not me!

I’m a mean old man

Don’t play hip hop music

Or drink until dawn

Don’t have any big parties

Or leave the lights on

I’m nobody’s friend

And nobody’s fan

Not me!

I’m a mean old man

Yes there were days

When luck came my way

Fortune and romance

Then lost to pure chance

I don’t need love

Or any companions

Not me!

I’m a mean old man


I’m A Mean Old Man from Dan Joyce on Vimeo.

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Artisan – Post 57 – About Abstract Art

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 57

About Abstract Art


Recently, I entered into a debate with a younger artist from a popular local coffeehouse/gallery regarding her talent, or should I say, lack of talent. Not intending to insult her, I told her that her compositions of portraiture where somewhat cubist. She in turn became very angry saying she was a realistic artist and nothing about her work was abstract. Further, she claimed great detail in her art using a magnifying glass guider her and made the audacious comment that anyone can do abstract art. After accusing me of scribbling my subjects instead of taking great time to do something flawed like her work, I said to her, “At least I scribble with correct proportions.” This brings me to the most important rule of good art. Do what you’re trying to do!

What is wrong with viewpoints of modern art? People just don’t know what they’re talking about and make ignorant claims about what is often the artist’s hard work. Yes, anyone can throw paint on a canvas, but then try to sell it, try to convince people it is good art. Abstract art, like music, has rules the artist usually follows to make the painting more pleasing. What is the color composition? Is there a sense of depth in the perspective or overlapping shapes? Is it simple or did the artist take time to make something complex? Saying anyone can make successful abstract art is like letting a monkey pound a piano and calling it music. To paraphrase my mother, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, then don’t speak at all.

True she exhibited great detail in her portraits claiming she even used a magnifying glass, but her initial sketch and measurements were so grotesquely misplaced her figures literally looked deformed. It’s like building a beautiful house with a foundation that is going to fall apart.

That leads me to my biggest point regarding all arts. When looking at a work, always ask this question, did the artist accomplish what he or she was obviously trying to do? An abstract artist may seem to do this with greater ease, but a trained artist can create a realistic image by what they have learned and therefore find it easier to create and sell a work of art that more people will understand.

There is a medium point between abstract and representational art that artists love to walk on. The impressionists, the fauvists and the surrealists have introduced us to this place of being years ago. Sometimes, I like to get out my old college skills and draw something photorealistic, sometimes I just want to express an emotion in a complex non-representational piece. Usually, like LeRoy Neiman or Vincent Van Gogh, I like to explore a line in between. But skill and talent are always developed by the discipline of working at it everyday.

Which leads me to my most important claim on this subject. Strict definitions of art inhibit creativity. Loose definitions say art is anything. True, no one in the main population really thinks Damien Hirst is doing anyone a great favor placing a formaldehyde shark in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But I argue that he is. First look at what you think art is. Michelangelo? Da Vinci? Lucian Freud? Ok, I can agree. Now sit down and try to do this! Obviously most will fail. Our false beliefs on art have told us that it’s a magical gift from God that people just grab a paint brush and start doing. I would say no! Art is for everybody! If you can’t do Da Vinci, do what you can do! Local schools are selling representational art classes and calling it “Classical Realism.” I as a former student of art history would like to ask what the hell “Classical Realism” is? Is it Renaissance? Mannerism? Baroque? It can’t be Roman or Greek classism, because no such paintings have survived through the wear and tear of history. All they are really doing is teaching kids a closed minded view of the art world that has nothing to do with the historical progress of art at all.

I have been able to draw and paint many extremely realistic images throughout my career, but chose today to try something different, something that is more myself in my art. It took me years to develop as a realistic artist and even more as an expressionist. Talent not only allows one to do what they love doing, but do what they are trying to do with a sense of ease. That takes practice and discipline, for me, for Nancy Kerrigan, for Jenny Saville, for Harry Connick Jr., etc… for about anyone who wants succeed at their craft. To leave you with a comment a former girlfriend made, “I’d give up everything just to paint realistically!”

I told her, “I did!”

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Artisan – Post 56 – Life In L.A.

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 56

Life In L.A.


I’m writing from Los Angeles in a donut shop today. The theme of the big city seems to be anonymity. It’s easy to get lost in a crowd here, but maybe that’s better. Having been raised in the suburbs of Orange County, I’m used to knowing people everywhere I go, but the city is much different. For example, if I were living in L.A. and I spend the day going to the grocery store, the laundromat and the coffeehouse, chances are I wouldn’t see any of the same people. However, if I spent the day going to these places in Fullerton, I would not only run into a lot of the same people, but everyone would know my business from gossip and other intrusive talk. That can be bothersome.

Celebrities like the city because they can walk these streets casually and unrecognized. Whereas, in the suburbs, they are constantly bothered. But there is a darker aspect to these two worlds. The streets of L.A. are smothered with impoverished minorities, while only miles away, the higher income Orange County is predominantly white. White picket fences keep minorities out. I can recall running away as an adolescent for a few days shocked and surprised to see that. This is due to long history of discrimination in housing and employment. We aren’t all racist, but sometimes the rules and practices of our communities are. I lived here in the city four years of my life and saw first hand how sheltered I really was. While Los Angeles is a wonderful place to live, work and have fun, it is a sad demographic of how discriminating our country really is. But at least here I can find solace in solitude and donuts are still only a dollar.

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Artisan – Post 55 – Cruz And Conservative Criticism

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 55

Cruz And Conservative Criticism


When debating American rights and freedoms, conservatives are usually aggressively defensive coming up with the same arguments and attacking statements to defend our free country. The typical claim, “America, love it or leave it!” is still heard strongly today and is used to invoke unnecessary fear into anyone who opposes that extremist political agenda. It often sounds like this, “well if you don’t like this country so much you would want to change something about it, then why don’t you go to another country where they don’t have any freedoms?” Now, they’re obviously not talking about Denmark, Sweden or Belgium where a different more liberal economy is working well and people exercise sometimes even more freedoms than our grand old constitution. No, they are talking about a third world or Arab country that is totalitarian, against personal rights and often economically bankrupt, because in their narrow minds, that is the only choice.

Another is the veteran’s argument. I fought for freedoms that allow jerks like you to criticize our country. Well, it doesn’t sound too much like he wanted us to have those freedoms in the first place. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so upset when we exercise them. Don’t get me wrong! I support our troops and what they have historically done for our country. I also support our police forces. I just seriously question the pathology of any individual who voluntarily signs up for a profession, which may involve killing people. Veterans thank you for fighting for our freedoms, but when you come back home, please let us keep them! Also, the only amendment in the bill of rights these conservative crackpots ever place any importance on is the 2nd amendment right to own a gun. So we are assured that if we do disagree with them about keeping our other rights or even want to change anything about the system in our favor, we can always keep in mind that they are armed and dangerous. This is all in the name of a loving God.

Which comes to my final point. Being a Christian political party, since when did the Wall Street tycoons of the Republican Party become allowed to buy the Christian religion? There are multitudes of contradictions between the bible and the teachings of Christ and what they call the moral Republican Party platform. Economically speaking, Christ simply wasn’t a supply side economist. He talked about things like healing the sick and feeding the poor, whereas these would cost Republican redeemers too much money! Their solution to poverty always sound the same, “If they try hard enough anyone can be rich and have money, because I do!” And when it came to taxes, he said to pay them, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar! Give to God what belongs to God!” I guess that one just is too old-fashioned for the cronies that don’t want to catch up to the times on gay marriage. It is no doubt why the conservatives and Republicans are facing a disastrous Armageddon in the future of their party. Well, we liberals spent many a year fighting in protests and at the polls for them to be such ingrates.

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Artisan – Post 54 – Brutes And Bullies

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 54

Brutes And Bullies


I don’t get why people support bullying online and discourage people from trying to stop it. Their argument is always the same, “If we don’t allow kids to be bullied, they won’t learn to deal with it in life and all our kids will be wearing pink shirts.” That’s ridiculous! As if not getting beat up everyday is going to turn them gay!

I dealt with a lot of bullying in school and as an adult. There are many ways to bully a person physically, intellectually and socially. It is a terrible and traumatic thing to have to endure. Psychologists are now defining a new kind of bullying not with kids. “Adult bullying” occurs commonly in the workplace and in social groups like churches, gyms and commonly in 12 step groups. I get that some people come from harsh backgrounds were beaten or emotionally abused badly, but that doesn’t have to carry on to to them picking on everyone they deal with.

The system is WHACK! If someone is unfairly intimidated physically, emotionally or even sexually, that should in any circumstance be stopped. But we as a society are lead to believe that abuse is not a bad thing. That instead it makes us better people. Offices of psychologists and therapists are filled with people unable to cope or deal with such trauma.

So what is the solution? My father always told me to stand up for myself and fight back! The problem was that whether or not I lost the fight, I was in a deeper mess. Some smaller kids had bigger friends and I would have to fight them. If I lost the fight, I would have to submit to even harsher bullying. Eventually, I became like an outlaw gunslinger fighting every kid in school that wanted trouble. It all ended in a hospital room one day with a broken nose. That was when I took up drinking. I don’t know if I drank because I wanted the bullies to think I was cool, if drinking helped me to cope with the bullying or if the alcohol just made a really effective painkiller!

I tried my best in life not to be bullied, but somehow I’ve never found the right solution or really found it useful in any way. Even when I fought back, I only ended up in more trouble, because the school would only blame me for being in the fight or being harmed to begin with. To this day, I’ve never figured out how I could walk across a high school campus, get beat up and end up in detention. But hey! At least I never had to wear a pink shirt!

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Artisan – Post 53 – Lindsay And Leonardo

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 53

Lindsay And Leonardo


Today I saw Lindsay, a homeless woman I was accused of taking advantage of for an art book, The Crazy Communist. She was, as usual, happy to see me and at the market with Cory another homeless friend of ours. I haven’t been able to afford oil paint, but I give them cigarettes and what money I have, as I have for years, so that someday I can paint beautiful portraits of them. Not to sound angry, but it was a low shot to think I would use this impoverished couple for ill advantage. I bought Lindsay a cappuccino coffee, but Cory was upset and he didn’t want one himself. Instead, he said some things about his emotional state that worried me. I told him he would always be cared for by a lot of people and try not to do anything drastic. It’s hard times for many people, especially those of us with sensitive emotions. Tomorrow I will be going to a mental health clinic for an outpatient program I have voluntarily signed up for. There I will see more of my friends. Many will be doing much better. As a fine artist, I have worked with and studied the Fullerton homeless population for nearly 15 years. I try not to brag about the friends I’ve made in the homeless community, but I would never take advantage of them for my own artistic or political gain. It is really hurtful that someone would say something like that. I hope the artists will take it for what it is.

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Artisan – Post 52 – Fullerton’s Finest

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 52

Fullerton’s Finest


There is a lot of talk online and elsewhere about the danger of bad cops killing innocent people. Many, like myself, are made to be afraid of the police department, especially those of us suffering mental illness. While it is true that a few of our police unfairly killed a schizophrenic man, this does in no way represent the attitude and policy of our local cops. Instead, throughout my history as a sufferer, they have been less threatening and more helpful.

Treating manic-depression can often be like dealing with diabetes. We have to maintain steady amounts of medications, not to many not too little. Caffeine, stress factors and social interaction with a positive support system also have to be watched closely. When, by chance, it is difficult to maintain proper treatments, episodes can occur and can be quite harmful to the health and even to the life of the individual.

Few people know this, but one practice that psychologists and law enforcement suggest, is that if the episode is that severe where it can be classified an emergency, we are instructed to call 911. While some police feel it is trivial to help the mentally ill, many of Fullerton’s police realize how difficult and serious a situation can be. Often, they have come to evaluate me, talk to me and do whatever they can to help. Many Fullerton policemen know me, not as a criminal, but as someone seeking help they have assisted in providing. If hospitalization is necessary, as so commonly it is when making such a call, Fullerton police put me in their squad cars and personally drive me to the facility when no one else will. They talk to me about my life and my problems, and wait until a doctor or nurse can assure them, and myself, that treatment will be provided. This is a far cry from the cops who killed Kelly Thomas. Instead, most of them have told me that they actually feel good about being of service to such citizens in our community. Maybe, such practice prevents a more dangerous call. Some of them see me around town, talk to me, ask me how I’m doing and congratulate me on successes in my personal recovery. It is hard to explain to the average population what a psychological crash can be like or what harm can be done from it, sometimes leading to suicide. But I really believe, that under such circumstances when our Fullerton police department shows up and helps me out, they may often be saving my life and helping me attain a better one.

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Artisan – Post 51 – The Councilmen And The Crazy Man

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 51

The Councilmen And The Crazy Man


Good evening mayor and councilmen,

I’m Dan Joyce. As many of you already know I’m a local artist and lifelong resident in the city of Fullerton. I also consider myself a much needed, advocate to the community on issues of mental illness. Having been diagnosed with schizophrenia and then later changed to bipolar, I have long seen the need for understanding in our community as well as other cities, on this issue. It has been over 5 years since the death of Kelly Thomas, a local schizophrenic man beaten to death by the police. Since then, our understandings of mental illnesses and local citizens suffering has changed little, as well as little improvement in the resources needed to treat such individuals.

While dealing with the protestors, talking to the police, as well as local politicians on the psychological issues and treatments for such citizens in our community, I have come to the conclusion that the biggest problem we face as mentally ill Fullerton citizens is not availability or lack of availability in treatment, but ignorance in dealing with psychological conditions. It appears to me from what I have learned in therapy, outpatient programs as well as drug and alcohol reform facilities, that our general population regarding such psychological conditions is completely clueless about any of it!

Why? Here are some of the things I am hearing. “Your medication is a conspiracy of big pharmaceutical companies to sell you pills you don’t need and actually make you worse.” We as patients know through trial and error and working co-operatively with our doctors and therapists this simply isn’t true. In fact, there are many medications to treat a vast majority of psychological conditions quite successfully. The industry is still coming out with even better treatments for us. Another good one, “You need God, God will heal all your evil mental problems.” Many practicing Christians, I myself included, know the dangers and scams in believing in faith healing and that it doesn’t work. Just because someone goes to a doctor or therapist doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in God. This one always gets me, “Those pills you take are bad for you, what you need is marijuana!” Believe it or not! I have spoken to several important political figures in Fullerton not on the council who actually believe this nonsense. While some people may be able to smoke pot successfully, we have known since the sixties, some people just shouldn’t do illicit drugs. Psychiatrists and psychologists nearly unanimously agree as well as The American Psychiatric Association.

The standard treatments, outside a psychiatric practice gets even more harmful. “That child is spoiled, he just needs a good kick in the ass!” As if child abuse never led to mental problems! Or the Tough Love therapy that states to remove all one’s available resources to beat them into a point of submission. I can’t figure out at all how people honestly believe that poverty and homelessness are going to provide a successful cure for mental illness, drug addiction and/or alcoholism. If you look at the streets of Fullerton today, you will find an entire population of young people homeless from that type of reasoning. I’d like to add here that I as an artist who has painted, written about and recorded our homeless population for over a decade now  I want to say that if we continue to address this solely as an economic issue and not as a social concern, we will continue to have this problem for years to come. While on the subject, sobriety has proven effective, for many such conditions, as there are large statistics showing a relationship between substance abuse and mental illness.

No one needs to go into the fact that we are not evil and we don’t rape or kill people although that as well is a standard misconception, nor are we intellectually stupid. As the typical observation is, we tend to only be harmful to ourselves while our behavior untreated is best described as sometimes bazaar.

What I suggest, as is often suggested by psychologists and organizations such as NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, is education. It seems to me that much of the help is available, but many reject it and it is hard to follow through with the wrong pressures from the public. While it can be very expensive researching treatments and providing treatment facilities, it can cost very little to educate people on some of the solutions that are already there.

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Artisan – Post 50 – Grumpy Grandpa’s Gal

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 50

Grumpy Grandpa’s Gal


Why do most men fear strong women? With the onset rise of feminist interest in the current election, studies of gender roles and feminine natures, we are now more than ever demanding an answer to this question. While it is believed men seek dominance and control over such females, new studies indicate that they may be more intimidated by the keen sense of intelligent women’s persistent abilities to nag, argue and complain all the time. Nothing bothers the misogynist chauvinist male than someone who won’t stop nagging, arguing and complaining all the time! Once thought to be a mental disorder, psychiatrists of the early seventies prescribed heavy medications, anti-anxiety sedatives and major tranquilizers to such women to reduce these perceived symptoms of nagging, arguing and complaining all the time. However, it was determined by modern psychological studies that nagging, arguing and complaining all the time may just very well be normal typical feminine behaviors. Yet, it has even come to question in historical cases of law. In the most famous feminist U.S. Supreme Court decision, Jenifer v. God help me!!! Justices determined that it was perfectly legal for women to nag, argue and complain all the time and not be considered grounds for a cheap divorce or termination in the work place. So remember when you vote in November! Nagging, arguing and complaining all the time, it’s a woman’s right to choose!

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Artisan – Post 49 – The Rules Of Resolution

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 49

The Rules Of Resolution


“Why don’t you just work it out with him?”

“For one, he’s not willing. For two, he will only see it as weakness. He doesn’t believe in apology or amends. He’s not a Christian, not a spiritualist, not religious or deist in any form. I get it! There are many moral people who aren’t. Some of my life long friends are very good ethical people as such. But he’s not. He doesn’t play by the same rules. We are talking about a man who is only in it for himself and sadly the destruction of others.”

“What rules are you talking about?”

“Ethics, morality, respect, the rules of resolution… He doesn’t respect any admission of defeat. He will only use that as an opportunity to take further territory. If one admits to one’s part in a disagreement, their wrongdoings, he will not admit his nor stop them. What was once a moral of “turn the other cheek” is spit on and slapped at for someone seeking power.”

“How do you know?”

“I approached him and said the gallery owner said I should forgive him. He screamed at me, said he did nothing wrong and that he accepted nothing. Then denied his throwing me out of a business relationship with his partner and mocked my illness by saying I imagined it. There is no resolution with such a man. Sadly, most artists take to him knowing this and because he is financially beneficial to them by being such a brute. I’ve had a friend, a sweet female artist, offer to mediate, but I fear for what he would do to her if she disagreed with him. Like I said, you can’t apply standard ethics with this man. He’s not playing by the same rules! You can’t make amends to such a man. You would only be surrendering to a war he’s not going to end.”

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Artisan – Post 48 – Power Predators

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 48

Power Predators


“I want my life back. I want my mind, my meaning, my God…. I want the world that was taught and told it would be.”

“Then get it!”

“It’s more complicated than that. The problem lies in a game, a game that we are instructed life is and as a game, we wish to win. But by probability, most of us don’t. It’s a lottery really, buying into an American dream like we buy and lose a dream when we scratch a lottery ticket. Really, I don’t like to play. It seems foolish to lose money in a game where the odds are always against you, but society is structured that we have to play this game and in doing so, most of us have to lose.”

“Then what about those who win? Why take their hard work away from them?”

“Because most often they cheat! And they cheat and play for the wrong reasons. Money, currency is just paper or now digital transferences. Power is what is really desired. Power over people, power to control to make and destroy lives, to get even with those we dislike and to build oneself to be a “Godhead” of one’s own. It is not morality that is wrong with civilization, it is the lack of morality used to cheat society and beat the game. Some people are just good and ruining other people and that’s how the game is won.”

“No! What about working hard and getting ahead?”

“That is the promise we are given, but that is not what gets ahead. If working hard led to success, good students would all do well in life. That has nothing to do with it. It’s more a social play, to divide us against ourselves, to allow the rotten to be right. I was once a successful business when my father was alive. Now, the family has taken to financial and legal action to destroy the chance I had of success. There was no reason for it. Most didn’t even financially gain from it. They did it for two reasons. One, they wanted to win! As if we were still children playing a game of monopoly, the ability to eat and survive well beyond their needs was winning, especially if it meant taking away the ability for others to do so. Two, they did it because they wanted to control, the power over another person to puppet a suicidal ideation that legally they themselves cannot murder, but force it through the actions of another. It is blood!”

“Then get away from them!”

“I have and I’ve tried. However, such sociopathic people are marks in society. What was once a simple art business my father built me is now part of a growing art movement in my community.”

“That’s good! No?”

“No, it was more like Walmart moving next door. I had to do business with them and for a while I enjoyed it. Until one man came along who had no talent, no training or education in the arts, whose gift of social manipulation and dirty politicking only set to “ruin” me. He was the greatest game player of the local art market and one of the biggest power predators I’ve ever run into. I tried to fight him, but only lost worse. Maybe my life will go down losing, but I swear to go down fighting. That wherever one works hard, wherever one builds and develops in his craft, that wherever one is promised the dream, that dream he should have a better chance to receive and not just those whose only talent is power!”

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Artisan – Post 47 – Cook’s Combo?

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 47

Cook’s Combo?


“Can I help you?”

“I’d like a chicken artichoke sandwich. The one for $5.99”

“We don’t have the grilled chicken. We only have a chicken tender slice.”

“Can you serve that with the artichoke?”

“Yes, but only with the chicken tender.”

“Is it the same price?”

“Yes, but it’s not the grilled chicken on the menu.”

“Ok, I got that! I’ll have that.”

“Would you like that on a French roll?”

“Is that what it ordinarily comes with?”


“Do you have onion bread?”

“No, all we have is a French roll.”

“Then, I guess I’ll have to have a French roll.”

“Would you like anything else?”

“Yes, chips and I filled my cup with coke. Just charge me whatever price!”

“Would you like to make that a combo?”

“Sure, I got chips and a coke so I guess that’s a combo.”

“You have to buy the drink here!”

“I am! I filled my own cup with coke, so just charge me whatever. Combo, I guess.”

“It has to be a small coke!”

“What the fuck?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I’ll tell you why you are sorry. No, I’m sorry! I’m sorry that I have three college degrees and I have to pay for this with food stamps, yet you are gainfully employed. And when I request a chicken sandwich on your menu, you not only don’t know how to make it, but when I purchase a sandwich, chips and a coke, you can’t even figure out what a combo is! As an economic liberal, I hate to say this, but you are a terrific argument against unions and raising the minimum wage!”

“Do you have a Von’s card?”

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Artisan – Post 46 – Anonymous Acquittals

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 46

Anonymous Acquittals


I just had my life threatened violently for sitting down and having a sandwich at an AA club after a meeting. The club manager did nothing. When I asked to use the phone to call the police, a bunch of ex-convicts just sat there, laughed and said, “You can’t buy this kind of comedy anywhere.” When I got home, I called 911, who instructed me to go to the police station and file a report, yet little could be done about it. The police know this kind of violence and intimidation goes on at Alcoholic’s Anonymous on a regular basis, yet continually do nothing about it. Instead, they send more violent criminals into the rooms through our court system so they can beat the system knowing that AA has no way to police or warrant the behavior of any of it’s members. I personally feel local government needs to intervene to stop this dangerous practice.

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