Artisan – Post 41 – Donut Dating

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 41

Donut Dating



Hi! I’m Dan!

Do you like donuts?

I do and there’s a wonderful donut shop only blocks from my home. B&B Donuts is located on Harbor Blvd. across the street from Costco in Fullerton, CA. and is open for your every donut desire from 4am to 11pm everyday or you can use the 24 hour donut drive through. Why? You may ask, would I want a donut date with Dan? Let me tell you. First off, the average cup of coffee at Starbucks or any other coffeehouse is around three or four dollars. Donuts are only a dollar! And there’s lots to do at the do at the donut shop! You can meet for breakfast, drink coffee, play the lottery and unlike Starbucks, the donut shop has a smoking section outside. Although donuts are cheap, don’t consider yourself a cheap date! A cheap date usually puts out and I’m not expecting anyone to do that for a donut.

The donut shop is silent and serene, a good place to get to know one another and engage in deep discussion. Talk about your favorite artists, what trends in music inspire you, cover heavy political ambitions or just enjoy your donut with that special someone. ME! B&B donuts is a family run mom and pop donut shop just like the good ol’ days kind of businesses that make America great again, but run by Asians.

Please comment on this post or blog or Facebook message me to reserve you special donut date with Dan. Contact soon for dates and times! Cheers!

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