Artisan – Post 35 – James Joyce

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 35

James Joyce


When I was in my teens, I read an inspirational writing by a distant relative, James Joyce. The book was called, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Joyce’s stream of conscious writing was different than anything anyone had ever read during the time it came out and eventually made him one of the most significant writers of the 20th century. He talked about Ireland and being Irish, religious and political discussions of the time that still seem true to Irish heritage today. I am much influenced by his writing and try to someday do as well.

Yes, I am an artist. My father, Larry Joyce, worked hard to put me through art school to give me, and all his children, the college education he never had. I remember days he would drive me to the galleries to install my art or to the museums to look at the masters and help me to do my assignments. Odd, he would comment to me on the newer artists, what they did that made them more successful that maybe I could try myself. I doubt he had great interest in art or poetry, but he tried in order to relate to me. He even helped me build a successful art business of my own that the family would later take away after his death.

I am proud to be an artist and a writer of Irish heritage, to do and create from such points of view as James Joyce. Now with the internet, I can share my work with other Joyce’s from around the world. While I am in no way as good as the master, I dream someday to go to the libraries in Ireland and give them for their collections a book of my own. And as for my father, who worked so hard to help me be the artist and writer I am today, I shall someday join him in heaven leaving much behind to remember in my writings on earth.

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