Artisan – Post 33 – Sunday Sermon

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 33

Sunday Sermon


Sitting in church and the service is starting. I had to hide my smoking outside and they took my water cup away when entering the main area. They don’t seem to take to kindly to the poor here. I’ve made very few friends and most don’t even talk to me unless I appear to be breaking some rule. The sermon is almost always political and quite conservative at that. But I listen to the gospel and question, what would Christ say? The man who spoke to help the poor, to heal the sick, to passively resist war. What has become of Christianity? Have we rewritten the words of God to be high jacked by a conservative republican political party? Yes, we want our freedoms to practice and pray, questioning modern values and trying to preserve what we call the word. But have we sold out?

Maybe I don’t believe, maybe I just come here to get out of the house, to meet people, to be entertained by the music and worship. When the sermon spoke in Sunday school, when the words I read in the bible are being drowned out by a message of money and politics. Who cares if we can’t pray in school? I thought God heard our hearts wherever we are, understood our struggles whatever they may be. Is that not prayer enough? Yes, we should have the right to practice freely, but are we going to sell that card to buy into economic injustices that help so few and harm so many. It seems less a religion of Christ and more like a political empire similar to that of the Roman Empire during Jesus’ time. Maybe there is no God, but then again, maybe there is. And maybe this God is hope for the individual and not the organization. As Christ said, “Peace be with you all!”

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