Artisan – Post 28 – The Spirit Of Society

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 28

The Spirit Of Society


There is nowhere in the U.S. Constitution that states we are a strictly capitalist country. It does however go to great lengths to establish a democracy, our rights to vote, who can vote, the Electoral College, etc… Amendments where later established to enhance this even more, black rights, woman’s suffrage… The power of the people written as “We the People,” is a basic American principle not to be bought and sold. Yet the dollar still threatens dictatorship. How can this be? Donald Trump, an American billionaire is running a racist campaign for president targeting Mexican and Muslim citizens. The likes of which have not been seen since Hitler overtook a democratic Germany.

Yet, more silently, we have for the first time in American history an openly socialist candidate, Bernie Sanders, running a grassroots political campaign for our country. Can he do it? Clearly Sanders is a brilliant economist recognizing the political plays of racial division as a matter of finance encouraged by the rich. “They don’t want to pay our workers well, but make them feel like they’re getting something by giving them more than the minorities.” He promises things like affordable education making our lower and middle classes smarter, so they’ll fight back. The upper class knows that if they can divide us, they can conquer us and that democracy is the people’s way to stop that. After all, with as many minorities as there are in the melting pot that is America, there are more of us than there are of them and Trump doesn’t want us to realize that.

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