Artisan – Post 26 – The Sign Says…

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 26

The Sign Says…


To the members and owners of the gallery,

Recently my standing as a member of the gallery has been threatened. Yes, because of my behavior, but I am hearing more, because of my mental illness. This bothers me. As an advocate, I have often suggested education as a solution to the difficulties we as sufferers endure, but instead I hear the argument that this is simply not your problem to have to deal with. Instead, you are telling me what my mental illness is, bipolar, a common form of depression. Instead, you are quoting media and fiction to tell me I’m a risk, that I’m violent, that I am a hazard to business. For someone who admits lack of education on the subject, you are telling me more about me than I would think I would already know. I understand that this is a place of business and you wish a simple safe solution. How about a sign that says, “We reserve the right not to do business with anyone?” Such a sign could keep us privately compliantly treated, mental health consumers, away from you. You could go after people who suffer all forms of depression, schizophrenics, sufferers of PTSD, etc… After all, it is your business. You could also use this sign to keep out the blacks. After all, in the years of business, the number of black fine artists I’ve seen represented has totaled zero and as a businessman keeping the community safe from scary people, I’m sure you feel you have every right to do so. You could use such a sign to keep out the Mexicans in town. I live in the barrio, the segregated section of our city, and I’ve seen none of my scary neighbors in your gallery either. Why not just make a sign that says, “It’s my damn business and I’ll do whatever I damn want?” and we can hold up a sign outside that says, “YOU’RE WRONG!” and you can call THAT sign socialism!

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