Artisan – Post 24 – Veteran Vibes

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 24

Veteran Vibes


“I was in Vietnam, yeah, for a few years. It was bad. Then I was a telemarketer. I made really good money. You should try it! You talk a lot; you have the gift of gab! Then, after I went blind, I got on Social Security and moved to a board and care. I go to school every weekday, smoke cigars, drink Pepsi and I don’t drink alcohol anymore at all. I got a lot of drunk driving arrests when I was younger and could drive, so I quit drinking. It’s a good day though, don’t you think?”

“Yeah Craig. I remember we were in a group home together.”

“Yeah I remember, it was sort of clickish there, you know. Sorry, if I didn’t hang out with you as much.”

“That’s ok! I quit drinking then myself. I moved to Pasadena and started selling art on the street. Then I went to Venice Beach and Santa Monica and became a street performer. Eventually, I started working in the movies and TV as a background actor. I came back home and got a couple college degrees, started an online art business then worked for some companies doing that for them and eventually started selling art in galleries and coffeehouses. I even studied art in Italy, but when my dad died, he had half the business and my family took it from me leaving me broke. Now, I’m here with you in this room and board trying to regroup. I guess sometimes when your dreams are shattered, you just have to make new dreams. But really, it’s not so bad here.”

“Yeah, we live the life of Riley on social security. No worries nothing.”

“You know what’s amazing about you Craig. You are so happy, yet you really don’t need much. You have so much less than most people who aren’t even happy. They worry about having their neighbor’s car, the perfect family, the dream job, fashionable clothes, beautiful mates… but they’re not happy. Even if they get it all they just want more. I heard someone say once, ‘If you don’t want to be in the rat race, don’t be a rat!’ You are completely content with your life as little as you’ve done with it! Yet, you are one of the happiest people I’ve ever met.”

“Yeah, hey do you know we might have burgers tonight! I hope so!”

“Me too, Craig, me too!”

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