Artisan – Post 22 – Donuts And The American Dream

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 22

Donuts And The American Dream


I’m sitting at the local donut shop reflecting upon my freedom. It has been long since I was incarcerated for emotional instability and recently jailed in a trial I never saw. Again today, I find myself fighting for my freedom. Recently, I spoke out against a king pin promoter in the county’s art scene for unfairly abusing his power. Immediately, I was contacted by the gallery I do most business with financially threatening me to retract my words. With great reservations I did. But how can I fight fight for my freedom for my business if I am financially sanctioned from speaking out against him?

This begs a question, do we truly have freedom of speech, if corporations and private companies can fire us for what we say on or off the clock? Many people have argued, they should have this right. Why? Because they financially own you? One man said to me, “You can leave, start your own business and say what you want.” But is this a realistic option? In business school I learned that 90% of businesses fail in their first year competing with large enterprise like Walmart or Costco. So, what seems a viable option, really is not.

What kinds of things can we usually not talk about? Religion, politics, even in my case a business rival set out to ruin me. We are in a time of our country’s history when our Bill of Rights are being questioned like never before. No, it’s not just the government doing it, its our boss. Employers are monitoring our social media off the clock. Common sense in the workplace is one thing, but we have the right to peaceably assemble and freely speak out in protest of policies our employers may not agree with. If these are controversial, we risk termination and that is not right. True, we have a capitalist country, but we also have a U.S. Constitution that promises us certain freedoms and capitalist companies and corporations are buying away these rights. The media is flooding us with dangerous 2nd amendment rights to own and sell dangerous weapons like the AR-15, yet silently removing our first amendment rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. And it’s not the government doing it, it’s the dollar! People need to work to survive and to take their jobs for what the rich disagree with is to take away are rights!

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