Artisan – Post 18 – The Dollar Is The Dictator Of Democracy

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 18

The Dollar Is The Dictator Of Democracy


How does Donald Trump’s hate campaign continue to rise in the polls? Simple, he has money. In communism we feared being controlled by the government, but in capitalism we are controlled by capital. Think about it! We state freedom of speech and freedom of religion in our first amendment, but we can’t speak freely about our religion or politics in most work places. For up to eight or more hours a day, up to five or more days a week, we sacrifice our constitutional rights in order to survive. Many companies are watching our social media and computer activity to monitor our every move on or off the clock. Legally, we can be fired for it.

The dollar is the dictator of democracy. We all know how wealth controls the media influencing who and what we vote for, but we do nothing. Voting is just a pretty picture they paint for us. The odds of one person’s vote having any influence on our government are less than those of winning a state lottery. Activists and those who speak out tend to be unemployed by no coincidence. What can we do? We must utilize the strengths we have to fight Trump and the dollar demons from taking away the country we know to be great again, the country we are promised. Without that right, without that power, we are lost.

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