Artisan – Post 19 – The Seriousness Of Stigma

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 19

The Seriousness Of Stigma


“Why do you attack her? She is afraid!”

“Because her fear is an assault! Her fear of the innocent persons in the mental health community evokes unnecessary hostility and possible violence and discrimination against such mentally ill sufferers who seek help compliantly and consistently!”

“But wouldn’t you be afraid if some whacko was out to get you?”

“For starters, WHACKO! CRAZY and INSANE are not terms defined by science in the field of psychology and are nowhere mentioned the psychiatrists handbook of diagnosis, the DSM IV. But I tell you again fear is an assault. She is not playing her bigoted card wisely. To attack a large group of people based on the actions of a few is an abomination and a gross form of discrimination. We all hear the news reports of the mentally ill who do harm, yet we also hear that blacks and Mexicans that do harm. The media uses these limited examples to target groups of people for us to fear and in fear we strike against them. Look at the case of President Bush’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ claim that evoked such fear we went to war and murdered countless innocent Iraqi citizens as well as blaming them for the 9/11 terror attacks against us that history has shown them innocent of both. The war on terror is a war fought by terror on both sides. But the media is far worse than the government. From Hitchcock’s, Psycho, to present day films, we are portrayed pathological killers and that is simply false.”

“True they do that, but you don’t think I understand?”

“Not as a sufferer, no, and you never will. Do you know how hard it is for me as a mentally ill man to get and hold a job in this community? I have training, several degrees, experience, but once revealed the nature of my ailment, I am terminated. A local art agent, Loren Grey, refused to even quote a price allowing me to do business with her based on such stigma. I studied the laws against price discrimination in Economics class is college, but what kind of price discrimination goes so far as not to even quote a price? It is difficult to prove, but think about it. Remember the signs of the south, ‘We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone!’ Those signs may still stand, yet legally defending segregation. What do you call someone who refuses to quote even a price to do business with them? I call them a bigot. 150 years after the death of Van Gogh and the mentally ill are still not accepted in the fine art community and we are still haunted by stigma. I find it sad. More so, she provided references of other notable art agents and called them before they contacted me to defame my character. How am I to succeed with this kind of hate, fear and stigma? I have threatened no one. Only tried in a free market system to succeed.”

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