Artisan – Post 14 – Mathematical Minds

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 14

Mathematical Minds


“Did you like the new Star Wars, The Force Awakens?”

“Yeah, it was pretty good!”

“It’s the seventh in the series, the sequel to the prequels to the original three. I liked that Han Solo and Princess Leia were in it, plus the new characters and the new Empire, Force One and Kylo Ren as Han and Leia’s son…”

“What are you playing with?”

“This is the newest of the Rubik’s cubes, five rows, five sides and nine columns. I’ve already solved the other three I have. There was a pyramid, a cross-shaped one and a Rubik’s cathedral made by Dr. Erno Rubik himself. It’s quite mathematical actually. If you apply algorithms, derivatives and basic postulates of calculus and trigonometry applied with simply mathematical theorems of analytical geometry…”



“Don’t you think you could try to use that genius analytical mathematical mind for something more profitable than puzzles?”

“Like what?”

“Like maybe play the stock market or hack the lottery and make some money so you could get the Hell out of here!”

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One thought on “Artisan – Post 14 – Mathematical Minds

  1. hahaha, Dan. you’re not much of a Star Wars fan–at least i don’t think, but it sounds like you know some crazy shite about Rubik’s Cube. or, at least that’s your characters… do you know an actual Weatherford?


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