Artisan – Post 9 – Playing The Player

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 9

Playing The Player


“That guy wants to talk to me alone. I saw him talking to that other girl. She probably doesn’t want him, now he’s coming back to me. I’m not talking to him.”


“He’s a player. He thinks he can juggle all these girls and play me, but he doesn’t know what he’s up against. I used to be a player, but no more. I had 16 guys, none of them knew it! Then I got played! I fell for my own game.”

“I was in a bar with a woman and some lady called me a player. I took it as a compliment. I’m an old man. A fifty year-old player! Not a lot of guys could pull that off!”

“Thing is though! I never slept with any of them. Men can be players, but women players can be called whores. Not me! I just did it to get drugs. Not anymore though! I’m clean!”

“That’s good that you stopped! I mean, playing and drugs!”

“I could fool them all. I knew exactly what to say to make them feel good. I had all the lines. I’d pick a guy, lonely and depressed looking. I’d make him think he was getting all he ever wanted. Then I’d take him! You ever meet anyone like that before?”

“Yeah, two! The girl that just took off with all my money and now you!”

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