Artisan – Post 13 – Think Like A Thief

Artisan by Dan Joyce


Post 13

Think Like A Thief


“What are you guys watching? The basketball game?

“Yeah, it’s the Clippers.”

“Can I have a cigarette?”

“Sure, that’s seven you owe me. Why don’t you go out and beg and get some more and get me a burger too?”

“I might, but later.”

“While you’re at it, go to Target and steal some candy bars…”

“Target? They’ll catch me at Target. They probably have cameras, one-way mirrors and hidden shoppers. You can’t steal from a big corporation like that. They’d be right on my ass. Maybe, I could try the Iranian liquor store. They have no security. They can’t afford it. They won’t be looking at all!”


“It’s ok! You just have to think more like a thief.”

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One thought on “Artisan – Post 13 – Think Like A Thief

  1. i look forward to reading these, Dan. they’re wonderful. thank you for the pointers, though i think i knew that. where is the Iranian liquor store?? i think i’ve been there….


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