Artisan – Post 4 – Religion And Reality

Artisan – an online art book by Dan Joyce


Post 4

Religion and Reality


“I’m inventing a new arcade game, nine women on their backs having abortions and as the babies pop out of the pussies, you hit them back in with a mallet. It’s called, Whack-A-Fetus!”

“You’re disgusting!”

“Really, it’s all about what constitutes life in life’s form!”

“It’s still gross!”

“Have you ever killed anyone?”

“No, it’s against the Ten Commandments. Actually, I think, it’s the only one I’ve never broken.”

“What about adultery?”

“Yes, but it was his idea. Not mine, so I just went with it!”

“What about your husband?”

“No, he was the married one, not me.”

“So… you made love to a married man.”

“Yes, in many ways.”


“Seemed like the thing to do at the time.”

“What about his wife?”

“I don’t think she was screwing him actually. Don’t know why not!”

“What about idolatry? That one seems hard to do.”

“Money, we all do it for a paycheck, for a promotion, for the lack of life’s meaning. We are all whores in essence trying to win a great game, a game that others lose and that’s how we win, by the loss of others.”

“Are you religious?”

“No, I’m a realist.”

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