Artisan – Post 3 – A Softer Side Of Suicide

Artisan – an online art book by Dan Joyce


Post 3

A Softer Side Of Suicide


“I was telling you that in mid-life I want to create my final great artwork, before I got too old and while I am young and still ambitious. You looked at me and said, ‘Yeah, everything you make as a senior is shit!’ Later that week, I was in group therapy. There was a lady, just turned 50, decided she had done all there is in life to do. She had raised a family and taken care of them, her husband and kids. They had all left her. She felt that all her life was to accomplish for other people who were ungrateful. Further, she wanted desperately to take her life. That there was nothing left to do with it but get old. I told her what you had said, the sarcasm. That you seem to have accomplished more as an artist than ever in your life before now that you are older. I don’t know how to tell you this, but I think you saved that woman’s life.”


“By the way. You are amazing at sketching female nudes. What is the hardest part about drawing naked women?”

“Getting them naked!”

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