Artisan – Post 2 – A Soul Sacrifice

Artisan – an online art book by Dan Joyce


Post 2

A Soul Sacrifice


The object of the game is to lose, to die in hunger, to sin in the flesh, to live forever. Earth, our world, is the stage illusion, the hologram, the great pretend. I watched her leave the bar that night wondering. How many times over can we play out the same scene? It’s a time capsule, alcohol. Maybe I want to be 20 or still in my teens. I can get so wasted, popular, fucked! I can dream the dream of the unbeliever. Giant tiki masks decorating the boardroom, cannibals shrinking heads collecting the skulls in an ordinary fashion, we sit there and wait to see who wins in their tribal games. I live in constant horror. It’s an existential angst, the impermanence of life, that which we already know at war with that which we don’t.

“Don’t artists only make it when they die?”

“I’m counting on it!”

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