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I’m just going to write until it all makes sense – life, the universe, the hereafter, etc… If there is more to our world, then let me discover more. But if all comes from meaningless chaos, then let there be chaos. At this point, I would like to invite you all to partake in this new artist’s project of mine, Artisan – an online art book. Like Dickens wrote Oliver Twist in a series of segments published daily in a British newspaper, I am releasing this, my latest book, to be read and viewed free of cost online as a blog and spread throughout social media. Why? Well, for one, I would like to draw your interest into my writing style and possibly purchase other books I’ve written and illustrated now available on, Barnes and Noble online and as well as the Kindle Store, Nook books and Kobo. Then, reason number two, I wish to reach a larger audience with my voice that modern social media allows me to attain. While print copies of my books are available, they do sell on a much smaller scale and over the years I’ve noticed that social media allows me to speak on a much larger scale. In this case, I simply want to be heard.

That being said, who am I?

This venture is to discover the answer to that question for myself, and others more.

Please watch for these posts, read, view the artwork and enjoy!

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Artisan – an online art book – Introduction

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